Myths and Facts of Fleet Management System

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GPS is one of the revolutionary innovations for the internet and technology for the last three decades. Initially, it was mainly used for tracking military troop and their movement but later it is used for homeland security, civil, commercial, and scientific needs. Due to this old history of GPS, people made a perception that GPS can only be used for tracking. But with the combination of GPS, Software and internet, there is a lot more we can do other than only tracking location. For a  a GPS Tracking System vehicle is just one small part but using insights from an advance tracking device you can get a lot more than just tracking vehicles.

Here are 5 main myths that come to everyone's mind when they hear Fleet Management System:

Myth #1: Fleet Management System is just another term for GPS tracker

Many fleet owners have made a wrong perception that FMS (fleet management system) is only about vehicle location tracking but in reality, Transport Management is just a small part of a fleet management system. A smart FMS is capable of providing a complete solution of every problem in the fleet business that includes fuel management, tyre management, vehicle real-time tracking, route planning and scheduling, driver management, history reports, trip management, etc. A survey suggests that after installing an advance FMS, productivity increases by 58%.

Myth #2: Fleet management software is hard to understand

This is just an excuse for many people, today in the digital world, everyone has a smartphone and running applications on a daily basis. Our fleet management software is also the same as every software you are using on your smartphone. Its user interface is so simple and understandable that you can easily familiar yourself within the same day. Other than this, we provide training and manuals to all the clients.

Myth #3: Fleet Management System is too expensive

It is a one-time investment for your fleet that would give your business a good ROI. With FMS, you would save money from fuel wastage during idling of vehicle, witness the increase in fleet productivity, saves time in route planning and scheduling timely delivery, monitoring driving behavior which improves vehicle life.

Myth #4: Fleet Management System is only for large fleet business

Some fleet owners put an excuse that we have a very small fleet business and we can manage it manually. But they don't realize that if they keep on doing this manually, how would they improve their business productivity, efficiency and how would they expand their business? With manual process and work, a company can only run but to expand it has to automate its process to improve efficiency and productivity. Its high time for small fleet company's owner to think about using a smart fleet management software to remain in this competition.

Myth #5: All Fleet Management System is the same

Not all fleet management system is same, with technological advancement, business-specific Fleet Management System is available in the Indian market that is capable of providing complete fleet management system including real-time tracking, fuel management, Tyre management, finance management, various downloadable reports, etc. We at Fleetx, provide customization in our software based on the business requirements.

It's high time, a fleet owner should accept these facts over the old myths and start using digital technology to improve their business efficiency, workflow and expand their fleet business with our smart fleet management system. Start with our free demo here.

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