SIM Based Tracking Solution: Quintessential of Asset Tracking

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Do you think asset tracking would be too expensive for you? Let those thoughts take a backseat! There is one for everyone.

The whole crux of a logistics function is to get the goods delivered to the customers at right time, in right place, and in right assortments. And, for everything to knit in properly, processes at each checkpoint shouldn't propagate delays to the next. For years, this has been the nightmare for all the parties involved, and still is unless everyone involved actively exploits the technology available at hand. One such and the most affordable is SIM-based tracking solution.

If you are just starting out with your fleet business and don't want to stretch your finances too much into deploying a full-fledged Vehicle Tracking System, you can still leverage the advantage of the asset tracking thru a SIM based tracking solution. This is the natural fit for starters looking to get started with asset tracking in minimal startup time and costs. Typically, the accurate geographic location is tracked with the help of the GPS devices connected to the internet. A sim based tracker picks up a rather low cost approach and offers the same services via a phone, even on a low-cost feature phone, enabling logistics companies know what, where and and how their assets are deployed, route progress of their assets, the delays, the deviations etc.

Why should you care to get one for your fleet?

Let's say you are into a high-profit month and you have an urgent need to track your assets (this could also be any of your human personal you want to put on watch) for a few days and because of time and budgetary constraints, arranging all of your assets which are always on the run in different locations and getting them fitted with GPS trackers now is not an ideal choice here as it will slump your business outputs badly. So, how do you keep the systems running without making a drop in fleet utilization at the same time serving the newly discovered need of being able to track your assets in realtime? SIM based tracking matches up this need incisively.

"It's a two step process with no hardware installation, maintenance or related expenses and the complete setup costs you as low as Rs. 30 per Vehicle"

1. Choose the vehicles of your interest.  

2. Add the Mobile no. for each of such vehicles. Select the operator. You're done. You have the realtime view of your asset now. Though, remember that the person in possession of the SIM has to give his consent to allow it to be tracked, once done tracking gets live within 2-3 hours.

Get more Insights at forefront with SIM based tracking:

  • Locates assets faster whether in city or outside as Mobile Network cover entire landscape of the country.
  • No need for installation of GPS device in vehicle and save expense of hardware, installation & maintenance of hardware.
  • Low cost of ownership, this can go as low as Rs. 30 per  vehicle.
  • Idle time reduction through better monitoring.
  • Reduction in turn-around time between trips.
  • Reduction in communication costs.
  • Knowledge of current location and route traveled.
  • Estimation of arrival time.
  • Ensuring safety of vehicle/driver/consignment.
  • Better customer service.
  • Be able to create and manage addresses of your interest eg. warehouses, garages, airport terminals, dockyard etc.
  • Location by time report for each of your asset with measures such as speed, distance, nearest address, actual location, map link, latitude/longitude with customized time-intervals ranging from minutes to hours.

And, there we have it!

We have created SIM based tracking solution in no time at all and have already transformed hundreds of businesses with our SIM based tracking solution. Gain greater realtime visibility, reduce deviations, ensure high level of delivery accountability and provide competitive customer service.

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