Usage Growth Amid Downturns - A Quick Little Insight

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When almost all forms of human activity have come to a halt of the most novel sort, fleetx is proud to have helped its customers touch base with their clients, fleet operators, transporters and drivers, and their businesses gain some consciousness and the much-needed visibility in such trying times.

Success of any fleet management system relies inherently on the effective communication between all the stakeholders involved, our location share engine called 'Timeline Share' exactly blends in with that need and has come out as the backbone of fleet operations for our customers as it surged to a 52-week high amid lockdown beating our most used feature 'Realtime' of all time, and have posted average growth of 10% in the lockdown-period so far, not to mention things roll backwards in a nation-wide shut down.

Another premium feature is 'Job & Routes' which has kept its usage realm on our usage chart and goes unaffected of the recent economic moves. Be a part of this growth trajectory. Explore more about us here.

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