Geofence Technology For Logistics Companies

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Have you ever received a marketing email or push notification as you walk by a shop or any business?

These notifications are based on geofence and triggered when users reach a predetermined boundary. Many companies use this type of notification to send their users information about the active deals available. This technology is called Geofencing, it uses GPS technology to get the location of the users and whenever users are about to enter or exits these predefined virtual boundaries, it triggers and sends an alert to the users. It is also a marketing tactic used by the company to remind about the deal to their users, this enables them to respond quickly.

How Geo-fencing Impact Logistics Companies

The geofence can be easily set up around all of your addresses of warehouse and other stop points to increase efficiency for inbound and outbound loads. The main purpose of this is to organize your vehicle in such a manner that they arrive at the dock, and starts loading or unloading with less waiting time. With geofencing, the terminals can receive alerts for inbound loads that are approaching and similarly for outbound loads. The ability to view all this information in real-time allows the management team to be more flexible with an improved schedule and planning.

Tracking software can be an excellent investment to improve customer satisfaction levels in your delivery operations. This is because, with a system like that in place, managers can quickly set alerts to notify customers when their packages enter their zone with an estimated time of arrival.

Advantages of Geofencing for logistics companies

Logistics company that uses fleet management software and geofencing technology will have a significant advantage over their competitors. Software and technology offer better real-time transparency and improves the overall operational efficiency of the logistics company. Some of them are highlighted below:

Event-triggered actions

Geofence can help you triggered an event action in your logistics company. This triggered event can be utilized to prepare the team for processing the incoming carriers and shipments. In this way, the time required for the carriers to spend on the dock is reduced which results in lesser detention time and quick dispatch.

Improved assets security

Asset management and GPS tracking become even more secure with the help of geofencing. It secures all the static assets with the help of strategic geofencing around the warehouse. Any breach in the area can be instantly detected and diagnosed.

Real-time coordination

When the carrier enters the geofenced area, it can coordinate on a real-time basis to update the onward trip automatically without manual interference. It will automatically interpret the remaining distance and expected arrival, speed of the carrier and necessary stop points and duration of the trip. And it also automatically update all the details if the carrier faced an unexpected stoppage during that time.

Improved Planning

Geofencing majorly relies on GPS trackers and the mobile app for the update of carrier real-time movement. This always keeps the operations staff at the forefront with the necessary information for making any changes in the planned trip and helps them to keep on improving the supply chain by making required changes in order to keep the deliveries on time.

In the logistics company, it is important to use the customized solutions as the companies differ from each other vastly in terms of size and scale of operations. Fleetx provides customized fleet management solution for both small and large fleet business to manage their operation more efficiently with geofencing and other smart features.

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