How to Shine During Covid-19 Pandemic? Are You Prepared to Manage Your Fleet Remotely?

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India and the world are navigating through unprecedented uncertainty as we grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic caused by the rapid increase of the novel coronavirus that first appeared in China late last year. Take a look on how swiftly the outbreak stats are going peaky, here.

In an uncertainty like this, when people are at home or into essential services, vital supplies still needs to reach to them - that's when trucking becomes the lifeline to a nation as it hauls the essentials - medical supplies, hand sanitizer, food, beverages, household goods etc. - millions of people would require in the days, weeks and months to come. A best-case scenario for an end to the current trilogy of 'social distancing', 'quarantines' and 'testing' could be June – with July or August among other likely timelines. And, it will literally be in the hands of fleet owners and truck drivers who would carry us through the dark days ahead and out to the other side.

While this is a time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to implement systems to manage your fleet remotely and stay productive while avoiding the spread of coronavirus. With drivers going on and off the road amid restrictions posed by the lockdown, success of your fleet hinges on how well you are able to communicate with your assets and team, remotely. Remote management might sound like an uphill-battle in a crisis like this, but with the leverage of fleet management solutions, like fleetx, which is specifically tailored to fleets to streamline operations and gain complete asset visibility, you'll crack it through.

Let's list the highlights:

Communicate with your assets and the team, remotely:
Your assets might be spread out along their routes and your staff might not be working from a shared space in a crisis like this, whereby fleet management falls prey to effective communication among all the stakeholders and the assets involved. Does this sound like a tall-order to achieve? If you use fleetx, you can add unlimited users and let them be able to view and manage your assets in realtime and stay connected with the on-field team at any moment. Almost every area of the fleetx provides users to put comments on vehicles, jobs, service entries, invoices, vehicle records and reminders etc. to easily communicate information and provide clarity across your day-to-day fleet operations and upcoming responsibilities.  

Lesser the paper-work, lesser the human contacts, better the containment:
Yes, right! We have almost eliminated the paperwork required for a fleet to function with our cloud based vehicle tracking solution. Your team including the en-route drivers can upload valuable fleet data through mobile/webapp throughout the day, giving you the ability to keep track of all the developments happening around your fleet operations from anywhere.

E-Pod and Payments:
We believe that it shouldn't be a pain to get paid and manage payments, and have made payments a lot less stressful with electronic proof of delivery (E-Pod). Chuck all the paper invoices you have been juggling with, with our billing solution, you can manage all your payments for various services rendered to multiple vendors all at one place. Further, drivers can upload images and put comments about the consignment as and when it reaches the destination and trigger notification to everyone involved to let them know what, when and where the E-Pods are received, pushing for a faster invoicing and payments, and reducing running cash-flow problems and payments disputes.  

Temperature monitoring:
Indians are fond of fresh produce and would need a great amount of raw and finished products (fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, bio-pharmaceutical products, chemicals, artwork, temperature-sensitive beverages etc.) amid the lockdown. And, if you're among the transporters of such perishable products we can help you keep a precise and continuous temperature control of the same so as both hygiene and quality of the food remains intact. This becomes even more essential when you're transporting such a temperature-sensitive cargo over hundreds of kms. and you know that delays are likely to happen.  

Geo-fencing and remote immobilizer:  
Considering the odds of the situation, geofences are way to go. You can trigger notifications and security alerts whenever your assets enter or leave a particular geographical boundary or it detects any misuse or theft of the vehicle. Customer with us, who are using these features are finding their own creative ways to make the most of these virtual boundaries.    

Intelligent analytics on fuel data:
With industries running into cash flow problems now, we bet you don't want to see yourself in the same spot. Fuel (Diesel/Petrol/CNG) is one of the biggest expenses for fleets. As per the industry average, 45% of the total expenses incurred on fleet operations are on fuel alone and that makes it a priority among fleet owners like you to have a fuel management software that's able to measure and grade the vehicles on the basis of mileage highlighting the ones detrimental to your pocket, and, additionally, helps in monitoring the fuel level and to combat any unwarranted fuel theft from a vehicle, at standstill or while in-motion.

Trucking is not optional and it's even more clear when 1.3 billion people are at their home who would need the same vital supplies as before, in these trying times we rely on each other and need to keep working together to get through this. And, our job is to help you do your job safely and efficiently without any hideous complications.

Nevertheless, this was just a snapshot of our suite of products and features. It has so many more features that it builds upon itself for greater use-cases.

Dress your fleet for success with our fleet management software!

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