Introducing... The Fleetx Sentinel Algorithm!

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A fuel sensor plays a vital role in logistics operations by providing accurate and real-time monitoring of fuel levels. It enables businesses to track fuel consumption, optimize fuel efficiency, and control costs.

Quick Insights: The Short Version of This Blog

  • Fuel sensors are crucial for logistics operations, providing real-time monitoring and preventing theft.
  • Fleetx offers the Fleetx Sentinel Algorithm, a robust AI-powered solution with a high-quality rod sensor.
  • The algorithm enables remote tank monitoring and sends real-time notifications via web, app, email, or SMS.
  • Fleet managers can access customized fuel reports and receive alerts for fuel drain, theft, and refills.
  • Mileage data can be easily viewed, enhancing fuel monitoring, theft prevention, and operational efficiency.

The sensor helps prevent fuel theft and fraud, ensuring accountability in the fuel supply chain. It also contributes to proactive maintenance planning, minimizing breakdowns and disruptions.

Additionally, fuel sensors assist in regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability efforts by accurately measuring fuel usage and emissions. Overall, fuel sensors are essential for efficient fuel management, cost control, maintenance reliability, and promoting environmental responsibility in logistics operations.

The Current Scenario

The most common types of fuel sensors are factory-installed floating sensors, which show a relative fuel level on the vehicle dashboard. However, these sensors are not completely reliable as their error range can run upto 30%. This lack of accuracy can limit opportunities to make fleets more fuel and cost efficient. The challenges arise at several points and managers have to rely on their drivers to provide them with information on refilling fuel, as there is no way to verify the details, which leads to wide-scale fuel theft. To mitigate these challenges, businesses are opting for customized or aftermarket fuel sensor solutions that tailored to Indian logistics operations.

The Fleetx Promise

Fleetx’s existing fuel sensor solutions are already ahead of the curve; we employ capacitive fuel sensors that are integrated with GPS and tracking software to produce reliable fuel data. But, there was more to be done, so our team set out to design a new solution- The Fleetx Sentinel Algorithm, an AI powered Smart Algorithm that works in tandem with a high-quality rod sensor which collects granular data. This algorithm will deliver the most accurate and reliable data of a vehicle’s overall fuel ecosystem.

The solution has been devised with care and planning; it is built on data collected and calibrated from over 8000 installed sensors with 20 million running vehicle hours, and designed to be personalised with a variety of input conditions like driving pattern, road quality, temperature, etc. The sentinel algorithm is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify patterns and filter out the unnecessary data. This solution is always improving- as more businesses adopt our solution, there will be a wider data pool to learn from, and improve fuel efficiency further.

The Solution Works!

The results of an internal case study (spanning 7 days, and observing 11 vehicles with an overall fuel consumption of 4500L) indicate that this solution is highly beneficial to preventing fuel theft. Over the 7 days, the fuel sensors detected and raised an alert on 524L(12%) of fuel theft, which saved over Rs. 50,000.

Consider these results if you are looking for a solution to promote better fuel monitoring for your vehicles. Over time, as the solution learns and improves, it will identify new patterns and anomalies to help you optimise your fuel consumption.

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