E-PODs & E Negotiations : Key piece of puzzle in Logistics

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In the life of a fleet manager handling a large number of consignments, Proof of Delivery forms an integral part of the invoicing process. Not only do they mark the successful closure of the ticket, but they are also contractual obligations upon fleet managers-they act as proof of acceptance of delivery of the consignment in agreed condition.

At Fleetx we have developed a new set of features called Electronic-PODs to manage proof of deliveries digitally without the need for pen and paper. The new feature of Electronic Proof of Delivery is well integrated within our existing TMS architecture as it can be raised either by Transporter or Customer or even at Shipper's end. The system is designed to account for both PTL and FTL deliveries.

Let's take a closer look at how the feature works and what value it can add-

The Method of Creating an E-POD

Since generating an E-POD usually happens at the doorsteps or entrances of factories, the availability of web-connected computers might be an issue. Taking this into account, Fleetx has made it possible to generate E-POD on the go through smartphones using the Fleetx Driver App. This method can be used by any consignee, transporter, or even driver to get the required approval. Apart from this, Fleetx also supports E-POD generation through SMS Delivered Link for all consignments, which can be filled by any party outside the Fleetx system. This has lots of use cases where the receiver is not available on the spot of delivery but has to later assess the quality of the delivery. Another method is IVR (Interactive Voice Response telephony), which enables access to those areas where even internet connection is an issue.

Other Features supported by E-POD Module

  • Integrated Geo Deviation Data
  • Multilingual Support
  • Form Customization Support

E Negotiation

Another piece of the puzzle in the invoicing process is resolving conflicts between multiple parties involved in delivery quality. Usually, this happens over telephonic interactions, and there is no proof of record over commitments made and shortcomings over those if any. Realizing the importance of such a process, Fleetx has integrated an E-Negotiation feature within the E-POD module.

The feature lets any party to the commerce open “a negotiation process” - be it a shipper, customer or transporter. Here the customer can raise any configured issue - such as items damaged during delivery, driver behavior, shortage of delivered items, quality of service, and so on. Both parties must accept the final status- upon which a “charges and penalty option” is generated to settle the dispute.

Benefits of E-POD

In India, logistics costs are around 14% of GDP which is way more than 7% in Japan and 9% in USA. One of the main reasons behind such high costs is lack of digitization and the informal nature of processes within the logistic industry. Lack of transparency deprives the industry of visibility and enforcement of contracts and creates a lack of trust which impacts ease of doing a business in the sector.

The EPOD is designed to help fight such uncertainty within the business environment by streamlining and digitizing the flow of information. It eliminates the need for manual documentation, thus reducing the amount of possible human error. It also makes the billing cycle faster as delivery can be immediately negotiated along with proof of records - such as images.

Another advantage of E-POD is that it is the most accurate form of POD - by integrating geo-spatial data with delivery and option to share delivery images - enrichment with precise data makes it more dependable . This in the long run also helps to reduce financial administration costs - such as filing claims and reducing invoicing errors. The process also reduces the carbon footprint of the industry and facilitates sustainability in the long term.

Pros of E-Pod

• Reduces dependencies on paperwork
• Boosts delivery productivity
• Eases Audit Process
• Easier accessibility of the information due to cloud based storage
• Enhances customer experience
• Monitor Delivery Quality
• Reduces dependencies on paperwork
• Securely passes on details to managers
• Shortens Billing Cycle
• Shrinks Carbon Footprint
• Enhances customer experience
• Easier accessibility of the information due to cloud-based storage

Last but not least, as in any contract management the best outcome is of customer satisfaction and trust. A channel to raise any issue - with proof and option to negotiate goes a long way when it comes to customer retention.

What is proof of delivery in shipping?

Proof of delivery serves as a receipt to attest to the fact that the delivery was made. POD consists of a written acknowledgement that the order for a given sum of money was received on a specific day and time, as well as the recipient's name and other shipping information.

Why is proof of delivery important?

Proof of delivery is significant since it aids in preventing misunderstandings and potential disputes between clients and companies. When products are sold on third-party websites, proof of delivery might help suppliers avoid contested situations.

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