Anatomy of Asset Tracking Software In India

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Asset Tracking  is a complete solution for maintaining, monitoring and managing your vehicles. A complete Asset tracking software consists of a  Vehicle GPS tracking device, server, and monitoring software. A Asset Tracking GPS device is installed in vehicles and integrated with the software, which would show you the real-time data of the vehicle.

With a host of unique features, fleetx stands out amongst its competitors in several ways when it comes to Asset Tracking System.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Fleetx Real-time Asset tracking will help you manage your fleet and optimize the way you used to work until now. Our online web-based fleet tracking and management software provide you an easy to use monitoring dashboard and accurate statistics are directly driven from the Asset Tracking devices installed on your fleet. You can keep an eye on your entire fleet and learn their exact location and status. The accuracy of Asset Tracking  is 3 seconds, which means you can get your fleet’s data every 3 seconds.

If any of your Vehicle gets trapped in some emergency, we provide a Nearby Vehicles feature with Asset Tracking Software In India which will locate and design all your nearby vehicles which can provide some assistance to the vehicle in an emergency. This can be used to schedule trips and improve your vehicle loads.

Control harsh driving which improves asset life

Fleetx allows you to monitor your vehicle activity in real-time when they are trip. With our Asset Management System, you can easily get each vehicle's driving data based on Idle Duration, Over-speed Duration, Hard Acceleration, and Hard Brake Count. This data is very useful for controlling harsh driving by your driver. Based on above parameter we also rate the vehicle driving known as Driving Score. Higher the score, the better the driver/vehicle performance is which directly improves your vehicle life.

Instant Notification keeps you updated about your asset

With the Geofence feature of fleetx in Enterprise Transport Management Software, you can now keep God's eye view on your fleet movement and get instantly notified whenever any of your Vehicle enters or leaves any pre-defined geofences. This could be instrumental in preventing the theft or any unwanted movement of your Vehicle.

With the Speed Violation Alert feature of fleetx, you will be notified via (email/sms) at every instance whenever the driver violates the maximum speed limit for a certain number of minutes.

We also provide additional alerts to get you connected with your fleet at all times. Some of our most used alerts are Misuse, Sharp Turn, ignition On/Off, Idle engine, Quick lane change, Parked.

This is just a small preview of the features that we offer. Moreover, regular additions are always coming up. Interested in getting started with fleetx- Asset Tracking Software, request a free demo here

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