Why 57% of your customers will leave if you keep failing on delivery TATs

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With the pace at which technology is evolving, it is safe to assume that with regards to logistics software, disruption it can bring to the sector is endless. The question is how long it can sustain your questions with respect to the capabilities of the logistics software. And, the most critical aspect "Customer Success and Goodwill" goes out of proportion while you deal with the other in-line niches of your fleet business.  

A poor On-Time-Delivery (OTD) experience costs more than customers: When a bad delivery experience occurs, the customer leaves and goes to your competitor without you realizing that there is a problem with your product or process that needs to be solved. Further damage to the brand is done through the word-of-mouth marketing by the disgruntled customer. And, an increasing number of such negative experiences would disband the marketing efforts of your people and eventually plague the company's reputation and brand.

Customer experience shouldn't just be a department but an entire company - Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.

Let's go with some facts, stats and data points to get an idea of what you might be losing here on account of missed delivery TATs, this could be as worse as losing 57% of your customers base.

• More than half of the people scrap a planned delivery or transaction because of a bad experience.  
• 33% of people consider switching to different companies after just a single instance of poor customer experience.
• Study suggests that a bad customer experience gets shared with 15 other people Vs the 11 people for a good customer experience.
• When it comes to making a transaction, 64% of people consider customer experience to be more important than price.
• People who are more active on social media will generally post about a good customer experience (53%) than a poor customer experience (35%).
• 74% of the people are likely to switch to other companies if they find putting in a delivery request with them is too difficult.

Did anyone of the stats surprised you? Take a sigh! Takeaway here is: An unhappy customer is a influential one!

How influential? A real-life incident would give you more context here. In the year 2008, Dave Carroll a reputed musician happened to travel in the United Express Flight 3411,  tragically, the airline mishandled his guitar at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport and broke the neck of it, incurring a loss of $3500 to David. He later raised a dispute with the airline and asked for the reimbursement. This followed the sequence of pleas and refusals which went on for 8-9 months. Dave Carroll later on produced a music video of the incident and uploaded it on Youtube, which collected a shinning 19 million views. Following the incident, airline stock price fell 10% just in the span of 4 weeks, costing a hole worth $180 million in the pockets of stockholders. Big hole in the pocket there!

Customer experience is more vital as a key brand differentiator than product and price - Vineet Sharma, CEO Fleetx

Anyone, hates delays and, if you can't measure it, you can't win it. In fleet industry, On-Time-Delivery (OTD) is the most critical KPI for customer satisfaction, which is possible only if you're able to precisely monitor and control the safety, efficiency and compliance KPIs in realtime. How would you do that? There goes the need to invest in a fleet management software.

At fleetx, our fleet management solution has transformed hundreds of businesses and helped them improve the operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety and maintain a healthy relationship with their clients.

Are we expensive?

Nothing sophisticated! We guarantee unmatched value for money. Streamline deliveries for your fleet business with our fleet management software and deliver smiles on time, every time! Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo.

Got any questions? Call us now: +91-8076014730   +91-9899910974

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