Automated Route Planning and Scheduling

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Route planning is the process of creating most cost effective and shortest way to reach from starting point to destination with minimum number of checkpoints in between. Route scheduling is the process of assigning an arrival and service time for each stop, with drivers being assigned shifts that adhere to their working hours. The role of a fleet owner is to make an effective route planning and schedule timely delivery of goods and services to the customers.

Route planning Software and scheduling delivery is a far too complex process that cannot be done manually.It is also an ongoing challenge for a fleet company to provide efficient routing and scheduling and due to this improper planning and mismanagement, many companies losing customer expectation. This requires an Advanced Route Optimization Software solution that combines deliveries with efficient route planning, scheduling and executes transportation in such a way that total cost is minimized, and all business rules and service constraints satisfied. The core idea of route planning is to let the customers choose what, when and where their deliveries are to be served.

Why you need better route planning and scheduling

The logistic process gets more complex with the increasing number of customers, their demands, rising fuel cost and pressure of timely delivery of goods and services. These factors increase enormously the need that an effective route planning has to come into the picture to fulfill these challenges and create an optimal route and plan timely delivery that matches the driver's shift while at the same time taking into account other business necessities.

  • Availability of goods at the loading and unloading points.
  • Vehicle capacity that includes weight, volume.
  • A driver must be available and must adhere to driving hours.
  • TAT and distances between all locations taking into account the average speed, vehicle type and expected traffic congestion.

Optimize Route Planning and Schedule Timely Delivery with fleetx

Fleetx help reduces the time it takes to plan daily deliveries and optimizes the performance of your entire logistics operations. Fleetx software has this feature Jobs and Route that includes all the basic features that you’d expect such as route planning, delivery TAT, expenses calculation, driver settlement sheet, etc. On a fundamental level, it helps drivers get from starting point to destination in the shortest possible time with minimum checkpoints in between. Furthermore, it can also solve a wide range of business challenges and provide you complete fleet management such as:

  • Saves money on tolls by providing an efficient route that has minimum possible tolls in between.
  • Saves traveling time as you go through the most efficient route.
  • Provides real-time visibility of fleet with live Vehicle GPS tracking.
  • Monitors vehicle driving regularly that improves the vehicle's life and saves money.
  • Reduces route planning and scheduling time.
  • Reduces fuel costs as fleet travels via the most fuel-efficient route.

Our route planning would provide multiple routes to choose from based on your suitability. As shown below, fleetx has suggested three routes from New Delhi to Mumbai with different no. of tolls in between, marking the route distance and the number of tolls in between with red balloons on map.

Route planning

Our Dashboard provides full visibility of all the deliveries that are planned or scheduled. Here in our dashboard, we term delivery as Job as shown below.

Delivery Status Dashboard

With this real-time delivery dashboard, track each and every stage of your delivery, starting from vehicle initial stage Scheduled/Loading/Loaded, current delivery stages like Running, Completed, or Late. After delivery, you can check the total count of On-Time, Early, and Late deliveries, so that you can work on these deliveries and make it on-time in the future.

Enhance the productivity of your business with better route planning, scheduling timely deliveries and fulfilling your customer's expectation. Let us help you in planning a better route and streamlining your delivery system by simply scheduling a free demo.

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