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Without a digital fleet management solution in place, a lot of fleet managers remain unaware of what actually is happening out there in the field. This involves missed opportunities, delayed trips, poor productivity, dangerous driving and most importantly the fines paid towards traffic violation among other unnecessary costs.

Indian Govt. has recently passed a motor vehicle bill which is aimed to serve as the legislation that will cut down road accidents and improve erratic driving of the errant drivers. With the new penalty oriented 'Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019' in effect, entire countrymen, particularly the drivers in direct association with the fleet owners must revise their driving habits to remain off the bills and challans.

New Vs Old Fines under Traffic and Road Regulation Rules

Take a dig on these fines with our Transport Management System

Over-speeding is very frequent and casual among untrained truck drivers. With our fleet management solution, you can easily tap on the vehicles and drivers with most speed violations and coach them appropriately on account of their bad driving behavior history and reduce the frequency to the minimum possible. And thereby, save Rs. 2000 with every such deflected speeding alert.

Do less of the Reckless Driving Few of the erratic drivers pay no heed to the traffic around them, take sharp turns, accelerate/de-accelerate the vehicle hard enough that may cause road accidents. Such dangerous driving is to be penalized with Rs. 5000 fine. You can easily identify such drivers from the lot with the help of individual driver score and the various alarms they triggered while on the wheel, and avoid it happening any further. Also, in case the driver need some urgent help on the side of road with the material he is transporting or any unfortunate accident he just met with, he can push the SOS button provided and personalized help can reach him more quickly.

Various Compliance: Another saving segment is being compliance ready at all times. But, you often fail to realize that the driver you have just assigned/swapped a vehicle to doesn't have a license or missing its validity and even worse the vehicle out there on the job is without a permit or insurance. Start treasuring the new rules as from now onwards you'll have to pay Rs. 5000 as fine if found driving without a license or making unauthorized use of a vehicle without license. Further, driving a vehicle despite disqualification of the concerned personnel is to be penalized with Rs. 10000 as fine and driving without an insurance would cost you Rs. 2000 each time.
With the Records and Reminders feature of our vehicle tracking system, you can store all the license, insurance, permit and renewals related papers online and set a reminder for their renewals or update as well so as you never go out of compliance and face the collateral loss of time, money and the goodwill of your clients.

Unauthorized Parking Fines: Be in the know at all times, which of your vehicles are currently parked or idle and where. And, save on the hefty unauthorized parking fines, whenever your driver knowingly or unknowingly parks the vehicle in an unauthorized parking zone. To quote the quantum of fine, Mumbai has recently sparked up an unauthorized parking policy that may cost you in the range of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8300 for two wheelers and Rs. 15000 to Rs. 23000 for heavy vehicles. A summation of just 5 such occurrences per vehicle for a medium size fleet owner with 150+ fleet vehicle, accumulated over a year, even in a tier-two city, would easily go in lakhs of unnecessary cost overrun.

Take into account all such different traffic and compliance violations fines and the figures would definitely leave you stunned. Though, you can confidently aim to save all that with our fleet management solution and be able to stretch your finances in more deserving aspects of your business.

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