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As you might already be aware that, the expenses incurred in managing the tyres of your fleet is among the most expensive (20%) of your total fleet operation costs, second only to the fuel cost (45%). tyre management software typically includes regular maintenance, tread depth inspection, timely measurement of air pressure and proper tyre selection for different kinds of load based on its ply rating. Regular inspection and maintenance will give a longer life to your Tyre and would help in improving the mileage of your vehicle. However, skipping your routine maintenance and failing to understand the current conditions of the Tyre may cost you more money than proper maintenance would have. We at fleetx have come up with a complete Tyre management software where we provide complete details of all the tyres for your fleet, maintain online inventory, keep track of running km of each tyre and tread depth in near real-time.

Fleet Tyre management Software : The Need

Tyre management system is an important part and also a very expensive asset of the vehicle. To operate your vehicle without any breakdown, you need to first take proper care of vehicle assets and tyre is one of them. Other than this, in many cases, the drivers swap new tyres and replace them with their old tyres and sell new tyre in the market. This way drivers are doing fraud which is very critical for your vehicle because an old tyre is prone to accident or sudden mid-way breakdown. So, as an owner, you should be aware of all such frauds and should track every detail of in use tyres with a tyre management system

Preventive maintenance of Tyres

We all have once heard the phrase "Prevention is better than cure" in our daily life when it comes to the safety of our health or any of our belongings. Similarly, in case of a vehicle, if you took proper care and do timely maintenance of your vehicle, vehicle life would definitely be improved. Tyre management software always comes first if we talk about vehicle maintenance as it is the second most highest expense to run a vehicle. Here are some of the preventive plan of Tyre maintenance.

  • Tread depth should be monitored regularly.
  • Tyre balance should always be equally distributed among all in-use tyres and around the circumference of each Tyre to eliminate the vibrations and avoid premature wear caused by an imbalance in rotating the Tyre.
  • Tyre air pressure psi should always be inspected and maintained based on the vehicle load. It directly affects the braking and handling of vehicles.
  • Seasonal replacement of Tyres.

All of these preventive maintenance tips have to be followed before every trip of the vehicle to ensure optimum running efficiency and longer life out of the tyres in use.

How fleetx ensure the safety of your tyres

fleetx has made sure all the necessary preventive maintenance should be done and maintained at our software solution. Our Tyre management software gives fleet managers a complete track of each and every tyre with their current status. Some of our tyre safety features are explained below.

  • Maintain tread depth of every tyre with our tyre management system and update it after every trip of the vehicle to make sure it shows the most accurate depth. The average tread depth of new tyre is ranged from 8mm to 12mm or more based on a truckload. Deeper the tread of tyre, more it is resistant toward the punctures from the sharp objects on the road and for every tyre if the depth is below 1.6mm is not considered safe to use because it loses the grip from the road and is prone to accident.
  • Tyre running km should always be monitored because every tyre comes up with some fixed running km and exceeding that fixed km is not recommended for vehicle safety and may breakdown during any trip. With our solution, you can easily track your tyre running km in real-time and as a safety feature, we highlight it with red color when it is about to reach its limit.
  • Swapping the tyre is very common practice, generally tyre with less tread depth moved to the front side due to less weight and tyre with high tread depth is moved to the back of the truck as the weight on the back of a truck is generally high. It can be done very easily with our our tyre management software allows you to maintain an online inventory of your tyres in real-time. Also, you can keep check on individual running performance of your tyres in real-time via SMS Service
Tyre inventory

Monitor all of your tyre inventory and follow all preventive measures with our software system and increase the average life of your tyres.

Give us a call on +91-8076014730 or schedule a free demo here.

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