Introducing Payments: A Simpler Way to Reduce Paperwork

Fleet and finance are two intrinsic functions of an enterprise that are so deeply interconnected, yet the two often struggle to integrate with each other on various aspects...
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Fleet and finance are two intrinsic functions of an enterprise that are so deeply interconnected, yet the two often struggle to integrate with each other on various aspects. No small business owner or even the big ones for that matter, looks forward to juggle through the stack of invoices when it comes to billing a client and get paid.
We believe that it shouldn't be a pain to get paid and manage payments, and have made payments a lot less stressful.

On a large number of occasions, it is found that fleet managers fail to adequately communicate with the company's finance department and it takes a lot of man-hour to route even the trivial information to appropriate teams either due to lack of the ability of the vehicle tracking system or the absence of a streamlined procedure which in long-run, serves as a roadblock in the company's growth wheel. As without a pre-outlined steps, billing process is less effective and the quality is variable.

With our billing solution, you can manage all your payments for various services rendered to multiple vendors all at one place. Having a dedicated payments solution for your fleet in enterprise transport management system , brings you out of the traditional payment-flow involving sifting through the stack of invoices and provides several key-benefits:

Missed a paper-invoice you 'just had.' Those days are certainly over!
Upgrade the old-school paper-based process you are used to since ages, to an online fleet payment software, and thereby, standardize the process with offerings such as digital storage, pre-filled data fields, payment templates and the key-chain of communication with your clients through SMS .
Establish a billing procedure, outline the necessary steps and the order to be followed along with corresponding points of contact, if any. Distribute it to the team handling the billing.
Key-checks at critical input points, minimizing the possibility of introducing number errors or duplicating the bills.
Less time spent on reconciling the bills and invoices manually, making client-billing much smoother, faster and transparent.
Never miss a crucial client-payment or even the inconsequential ones for that matter, and be able to keep a close watch on end-to-end process all the time.
No need to look for vendor information or the trip details in multiple records every now and then when billing your clients.
In case a client dispute a charge over any trip, you can easily and promptly piggybank to the associated bill and verify the claim.

Hierarchy of our payment dashboard is like this, first we have an account-level payment dashboard which lists the payments summary of all the clients, then all the payments of each client and then the details of invoices linked to each payment.

Add Invoices, Add Payment Receipts, Link Payments Receipts, Download Payments Report and much more with the newly-added financial capability in our fleet management dashboard.

Over to you: Let's get you started with a free demo real quick.  

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