Secure Your Cargo With Fleetx E-Lock

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Theft and pilferage of products during transportation are only two of the security challenges that the logistics industry deals with on a daily basis. These actions disrupt the supply chain and have an impact on the economy. Pilferage is taking a portion of the total, while theft involves breaking the lock and taking the goods. Pilferage of commodities typically passes undiscovered, and the corporation is responsible for the loss.

As a fleet manager you would always want to ensure that the cargo arrives in excellent condition, you should always take precautions to keep the cargo hold closed while it is in route. Additionally, if opening the doors while moving is required, you would definitely want to make sure that it is done by the appropriate person and at the appropriate moment. With the electronic lock, all of this is feasible.

It will be decided by the logistical planning service who and when may open certain locks. Access to the cargo hold can also be restricted or entirely blocked at your discretion. The lock may therefore be effortlessly integrated into your organization's or your client's security protocols.

Elock in logistics can improve the monitoring system, particularly the oversight of vehicles in transit. Instead of the existing basic sealing, a high-tech intelligent security contact lock is used. The elock is integrated with equipment, a tally report, information release, monitoring and surveillance equipment, and the execution of the whole transportation (in transit) monitoring process.

Our electronic lock at Fleetx can be used to automatically lock and seal your tractor-trailer, box truck, trailer, or shipping container. You determine when and who gets access to the cargo hold. The Fleetx e-lock keeps track of when and by whom it is opened, allowing you to determine who was in charge of the goods.

FLEETX Dashboard that knows everything

Fleetx eLock is a smart GPS Lock with BLE4.0, GPRS, GSM+LBS Positioning feature. It has IP65 protection , made up of composite plastic and has a rechargeable battery with a battery life of 5 days and 30days on power saving mode.

Key features of Fleetx E-lock:

  1. It provides Real Time tracking & tamper alerts
  2. It has Dashboard based remote unlock facility
  3. It is Build in M2M communication system
  4. It Prevents pilferages in Logistics
  5. It comes with 5v DC - 2A charging
  6. Can be unlocked unlocked by Access card or Dashboard
  7. It has Smart Geo-fencing alerts when lock enters Unloading point
  8. It provides Historical Data related to Lock/Unlock along with location
  9. Gives alerts of different types- Impact tamper (Vibration alert), Lock shackle wire cut alert, Low battery alerts, Use of wrong password/wrong RFID card to unlock, Lock/Unlock alerts, Geo-fence entry/exit alerts

Fleetx dashboard provides the following feature:

  1. Remote secured access to locks from the dashboard
  2. Track performance via lock access logs
  3. Real-time threat alerts, geofence activity and temper alerts
  4. Branch wise lock access for easy and secured use
  5. Unique 6 digit numerical password for unlocking to avoid misuse
  6. Realtime lock and battery health related data

Remote access to lock from anywhere: Latch GPS devices can be opened from anywhere by the desired team member. The unlocking process is really simple and can be done by clicking ‘Unlock’. For better security checks and prevent misuse and accidental unlocking, managers can set a unique 6 digit numerical password that can be entered to unlock.

Report and Alerts by the device:  The historical Lock data related to lock/unlock along with corresponding location can be downloaded to check any misuse. It provides Rich Geofence alert reports related to unlock/lock status. You can also assign any issues related to lock or vehicle to particular staff and monitor the progress of action. This helps in developing measurable goals and analyze routine performance of field staff to fix issues.

Alarms and alerts by device: It gives alarm analytics in real time. It has vehicle wise grouping of alarms, you can customisize reports and have powerful filters to search and dig deep to a particular alarm.

Geofencing: Tag your Latch GPS to a particular geofence area to ensure that locks are not moved from their intended location or misused. Multiple geofences can be created on the Dashboard along with defining alerts in case of any misuse or theft.

Intelligent Route/ Dispatch analytics

  1. Get Instant analytics and notification with ETA
  2. Downloadable reports and compare trips with actual route
  3. No driver intervention needed
  4. Automatic tracking of assigned route with actual route taken by driver
  5. Delay Prediction
  6. Share location and ETA with clients
  7. Intelligent Deviation and Missed point alert in real time
  8. Save LR, E-way Bill with each route point.


E-locks are now often used in the logistics sector. The function of the logistics monitoring system will be strengthened even further, and in particular, the surveillance of vehicles (including box trucks and container carriers) during transportation will be strengthened. As high technology content is used more often, new modifications are enabling security in the logistics sector.


What is GPS locking?

The GPS locks are electromechanical devices that use cutting-edge technology to give the user the best locking solution. Almost all industries can make use of these intelligent locking solutions to transport hazardous materials and delicate cargo in a secure and safe manner.

What is e Lock in Truck?

A smart tracking lock device for asset management system is called a truck E-LOCK. It aids in keeping track of your car, van, truck, container, or trailer while it travels from point A to point B.

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