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As many as 87% of the drivers engage in unsafe driving behaviors while behind the wheel. How do you help your drivers to be safe, productive and efficient everyday?

"Old habits die hard. Changing any driving behavior can prove to be difficult, especially the risky ones. They don't disappear overnight, you need a coach and do the watch. We can be both."

Fleet management systems today can do much more than just pin-pointing the location of the vehicles on the map. Along with optimizing and scheduling the routes, it can also dispatch drivers and, detect and collect the harsh driving activity. Many fleet managers might already be having a vehicle tracking, maintenance, records and payments systems in place for their fleet business. But, what strategies do you follow for managing your drivers. Your drivers are constantly on the move and there has to be a simplified way to track their day-to-day activities. How do you do that? This is possible with the help of a driver management system -  a necessary component for fleet management system that you must own if you manage a fleet.

There are a lot of factors which puts your drivers' and other road users' safety at risk - Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Red Light Running, Drowsy Driving, Over Speeding, Sharp Turns, Seat-belt Use, High Acceleration/Deceleration etc - cause of all the ill-famed accidents. Although, few of the instances like distracted driving, impaired driving, red light running can only be tracked with the help of an eye tracker and other modalities which would cost you upwards of Rs. 20,000 each, however, you can still get hold of other harsh activities with a driver management system in less than half the price. With our driver management system you get alerts as and when these events occur and you also get to choose the medium of communication (App Push, Web Push, SMS or Email), the frequency and the people to notify.

Let's list out 5 prime reasons aka benefits you would get with driver management system.

Record keeping on papers? No more! Make paper-plane of those stacks and set it to Go!
Get reminded of any upcoming License, Certifications or Health Card related renewals of your Drivers, Operators, Technician or Employees and get notified by Email/SMS before the deadline approaches. You can also create vehicle related reminders like Fitness, Insurance, Permit, Insurance etc.

Fuel Monitoring: You can monitor the fuel consumption on the vehicles and also detect if any tempering has been done with the odometer or if the vehicle is used for any personal gain. We are also well aware of how the fuel prices go up everyday, you can check these changes across cities and metros right in the dashboard itself.

Empower your drivers and let them behave more accountably:

By notifying the respective driver associated with the harsh activity you can give real-time feedback to your drivers. This would let them be aware of their current driving behavior and they can make sure that it stays within permissible limits.

Better Vehicle Health:

Also, know that these unsafe driving habits takes a toll on your fleets too. Even if you keep the fuel cost aside, these harsh driving incidents primarily the over-speeding, harsh acceleration/braking increases the frequency of maintenance. On the contrary, a low aggressive driving demands fewer maintenance visits and low related costs - a much needed plus. By alerting your drivers to risky habits, you can significantly reduce the chances of getting them involved in an accident or incurring over-speeding challans.

Take help from our driving score report generated every week.

Identify high risk drivers and reduce risk

This is important - In addition to coaching drivers with bad driving behavior, you also need to recognize and reward the positive behavior in casual gatherings or by organizing a competition or an event. Few ideas you can go with: Order a "thank you" lunch or dinner, present thoughtful gifts, create a "Drivers Behind My Success" campaign, solicit feedback or run a spotlight program issuing bonuses on weekly or monthly basis.  

A freebie method for sticking with us for this long -  Put "How am I driving stickers" on your vehicles with a number to call on to get reported on reckless driving. Though the outputs here would be highly indeterministic.

Join thousands of fleets using fleetx and let your drivers to be their best everyday.
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