Introducing: Trailer Temperature Monitoring for Refrigerated Containers

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A great amount of raw and finished products (fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, bio-pharmaceutical products, chemicals, artwork, temperature-sensitive beverages etc.) gets deteriorated due to poor hygiene and quality during transportation and storage. We all Indians are fond of fresh produce, yet we are not comfortable in putting in the effort to make up for a good hygiene and quality of the product. How do you let your customer enjoy the signature taste and quality of the product which was maintained during manufacturing?

A reefer, more commonly referred as the 'refrigerated containers' is used to transport temperature sensitive goods and is capable of controlling the temperature ranging from -65°C up to 60°C. Transporting such a temperature-sensitive cargo over hundreds of kms. requires strict adherence to precise and continuous temperature control till it reaches the next consumption point. Any deviation from the plan, like a faulty refrigerated trailer or an unexpected delay can result in boxes of food waste to be disposed of later on.

Temperature Monitoring of Ice-cream aboard a refrigerated container

If you have a temperature-sensitive cargo, temperature monitoring is indispensable to keep the product integrity intact. Our latest temperature monitoring feature in our Smart Vehicle Tracking System serves this exact need. You get the minute-by-minute picture of how the temperature is changing inside your temperature-sensitive cargo. Notice how the temperature is still at ambient temp. of 30°C when the vehicle is unloaded and undergoes a sharp rise when the vehicle lid was opened and loaded (at Plant Storage Hub) with the frozen food (Ice-cream) and the temperature hits below -20°C and remains largely the same throughout the transit period of the vehicle. You can see the Min, Max. and Avg temperatures for any interval selected and get the address as well wherein the temperature change gets triggered.  

You can further download the temperature reports for the in-transit period of your goods and later on provide historical temperature as evidence to the customer or compliance officers in case of any dispute or clarification.

What would you add to your business with temperature monitoring:

You can now add temperature logging capabilities to your fleet and monitor temperature of your cargo throughout the day, any day - and get even more robust picture of the conditions inside the trailer. First touch-point is in the form of dashboard visualization of the temperature as a graph of temperature vs the time range selected (today, yesterday, this week, this month or any other custom range) and then the row by row time breakdown of the temperature with Min, Max and Avg. temperature in the selected period. This all can be exported as a downloadable report as well.

You can further drill down into the location of the trailer for any of the temperature activity logged and see it on Google maps, which makes the measurement even more effective. You can also set your own minimum and maximum temperature and create a breach alert whenever the actual conditions of your cargo goes past this limit and can put several people on the list to be notified via SMS, Email, web or app push.

  • Reduce rejected load claims

With even deeper understanding of the conditions inside the trailer, you can spot the abnormalities swiftly and combat the client concerns over product integrity and quality more easily. As an evidence, you can hand your clients a document containing minute by minute description of the temperature inside the trailer, in question.

  • Adhere to the FSSAI Compliance

With the historical temperature monitoring and reporting, it makes it simpler than ever to satisfy client demands and comply with the FSSAI guidelines for transportation of cold chain products, especially dairy products -

FSSAI Guidelines on Food Hygiene for Transportation From Storage Area to Retail Shops/Distributor

Temperature reports which are downloadable can be produced later on as evidence of historic temperature that you have maintained throughout the transit of perishable products. You can download the reports as PDF or CSV suiting to your analytics needs or further configure the reports by adding layers of granularity - select the vehicle, select time & date range, and time increments and export.

Be in the know what are the conditions inside your trailer right now, not what was it like 15, 30 or 60 minutes ago.

If you're not a fleetx customer yet, and would like to learn more, schedule a free demo with us.

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