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In this article, we focus on the problem of visibility and tracking in logistics & transport operations in India. Additionally, we explore how GPS-based tracking systems for truck tracking could make it possible for you as a business to track your truck making your operations more transparent and efficient.

Commercial Logistics & Transport operations in India are synonymous with an image of fully-loaded trucks lined up, moving at a constant speed on the highway. And rightly so, because over 60% of commercial transport in India is done via road and the primary vehicle used are trucks. Moreover, businesses in India rely heavily on trucking operations to meet their supply chain demand. Businesses either meet their transportation needs by owning a fleet of trucks and managing them internally or rely on third-party transporters that provide trucking services to businesses.

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However, transportation in India is riddled with challenges and blind spots that have troubled businesses and transporters for decades. One of the key challenges companies and transporters face in India is the lack of transparency in trucking operations. It is primarily because a vast majority of logistics & transport operations are still done traditionally, relying on manually carrying out activities such as truck tracking—emergency response, communication, etc. As a result, issues like fuel theft, late deliveries, cargo theft, accidents, etc., are pretty common in trucking operations.

Even though vehicle tracking systems or GPS tracking systems for trucks that allows you to track your truck were introduced to the industry years ago; however, the adoption of tracking systems moreover technology in transport operations, in general, is still poor compared to other countries like the US, China, Europe, etc. Businesses and transporters outside India have largely integrated vehicle tracking systems and fleet management solutions in their fleet, primarily long-haul trucks, which has made their trucking operations much more transparent and efficient as it allows you as a business to track your truck among other features. As a result, cargo theft, fuel theft, and accidents are relatively lesser in these countries than in India. It is also why trucks in India operate with poorer mileage and high cost of transportation, affecting their revenues and profits.

Businesses and transporters can benefit extensively by adopting GPS tracking systems for trucks in India that allow you as a business to track your truck at convenience. For starters, it will allow fleet managers to track the movement of their entire truck fleet in real-time from a single place, eliminating the reliance on truck drivers for location updates during trips which is done mainly through phones.

Businesses and transporters often report vehicle breakdown during a trip or unforeseeable accidents causing major disruption in operations. Unfortunately, due to the lack of real-time tracking, response to such issues is often delayed resulting in major revenue losses for businesses. By equipping their fleet with a truck GPS tracker, companies can provide prompt support and emergency response in such cases, thus, saving crucial time and improving the safety of the overall operation.

Another use case of the GPS tracker for commercial vehicles in India is preventing cargo theft or fuel theft during their trips which is one of the most reported problems in India. Real-time tracking will allow fleet managers to get alerted in case of unwanted stops or drivers taking unplanned routes, which is usually a cause for concern unless notified. They can take prompt action by contacting the driver immediately when they notice the unusual movement of any of the vehicles in their fleet.

By using GPS tracking systems that allow you to track your truck, businesses and transporters can also improve the quality of service offered to their clients. It will allow them to provide accurate ETAs for deliveries and alert clients if they are expecting delays due to unforeseeable delays. Additionally, modern vehicle tracking systems also enable transporters to share tracking data with the clients directly, thus improving the customer experience.

Lastly, a truck GPS tracker for truck drivers allows them to navigate on route easily. And since navigation is directly integrated with either Google Maps or alternative mapping & navigation systems, routes can be more efficiently planned and followed to avoid under construction roads, traffic, etc. Real-time navigation also ensures that drivers follow the fastest and most efficient route during their trucking activities, making it economical and efficient for both businesses and drivers.

Track your truck with Fleetx

From the discussion so far, it is evident that there is a need to track your truck by using a GPS tracking system as a business. The ability to track your truck or fleet engaged in carrying out transportation activities for your business makes it convenient to monitor your fleet anytime and anywhere. Several technology-driven fleet management companies offer services both enterprise and individual that makes it possible for your business to track your truck and, in addition, several other services which can improve transparency across operations.

To track your truck or get started with the process, one can consult these fleet management service providers, which further assess your business requirements and budget and offer you plans or services that meet your criteria. To find the best service provider that provides the services to track your truck, one can google the respective services and schedule a free consultation or demo that most of these services providers offer. Scheduling a demo before you decide to purchase any services that allow you to track your truck is crucial as it helps you figure out which one suits your business and requirements the best.


In conclusion, the ability to track your truck as a business or transporter is a crucial one that holds the capability to change the entire landscape of the logistics & transportation industry in India. As truck tracking systems get more industry-wide adoption, we will see a significant boost in revenues and businesses and transporters being able to operate their trucks with much more efficiency and transparency for the benefit of themselves and their clients.

Can we track trucks?

Yes, You can track your truck using GPS or Truck Tracking Software

How can I track a truck location?

Each vehicle or object you want to track should have a GPS tracking device installed. From the satellite to the receiver, signals are sent. Real-time distance calculations are made by the receiver between itself and the satellites.

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