Have you received an e-challan, recently? Here's how to check and pay online

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So, the traffic department is not far behind, they have recently started leveraging the tech to better regulate the traffic and enforce traffic rules. They have also installed AI based speed cams at select hotspots on the roads (there are at least 30 such spots in Delhi) to detect traffic violations and send e-challans via SMS to traffic defaulters and even send a physical notice later on, at their registered address. Traffic police is also capable to issue e-challans for any traffic violation such as wrong/dangerous parking on the roadside, speeding, jumping signals and so on.
E-challan- Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, that allows people to check their traffic e-challan status and pay it online. You can visit the website here

According to recent MV 2019 regulations, penalties for violating traffic rules have increased substantially, and not paying the same within the timeline, typically 60 days, may attract further court action, which may result into an imprisonment of a term upto 3 months or additional fine or both. It's important to adhere to traffic rules and e-challan notices now than ever before as along with legal implication that it may attract, increased penalties can have a huge impact on your monthly budget too.

Steps to pay your e-challan online:

Step 1: Visit the Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution website i.e. http://echallan.parivahan.gov.in And, click on 'Check Challan Status' tab to proceed further.

Step 2: You can view your challlan details by entering either the challan number, vehicle number or Driving Licence (DL) number. Enter the details of the option you have selected (as shown below), along with the captcha and then, click on 'GET DETAIL'.

Step 3: The row(s) for challan status details will reflect below the same screen once you have clicked on the 'Get Details' tab. The row will remain blank if no challan is found. You can also track the total number of challans filed against you.

Step 4: If you have made any offence, the challans will start reflecting in the challan status row. Here, you can start making the online payments. In such a case, under the 'Payment option,' you will have to click on 'Pay Now' to proceed further.

Step 5: Select the mode of payment - credit card/debit card or Net-banking. If you have chosen Net-banking, select the bank you want to make payment from. Once you have made the payment towards e-challan, you will receive a 'Payment Successful' message along with the transaction ID. Do not forget to make a note of the transaction ID for future reference.


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