Go Paperless with E-POD & Document management with Fleetx

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Do you know how much time and money your business can save by digitizing and eliminating manual paperwork?

Digitizing and eliminating manual paperwork is one of the most effective and efficient ways that a business can save time and money. It’s no wonder that 71% of organizations have started initiatives to reduce the use of paper in their day to day operations. At Fleetx, we help customers to go paperless with E-POD and online document management.

How E-POD Works?

An Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD) is a digital receipt of proof of delivery where customers sign digitally once they received the delivery with OTP and the confirmation has been sent via SMS or mail to the respective persons. Conventionally, it is done manually and the delivery document is handed over to the driver as proof of delivery. With this manual process, it becomes difficult for the drivers to keep all the documents of proof of delivery and it has taken an additional effort in handling these documents. Also, there is a fair chance of loss of information and the mishandling of delivery documents. Hence, to make it more secure, we have to save these data digitally and the same information has to be conveyed with respective management through mail or SMS.

To reduce these mishandling and loss of information of delivery, Fleetx has launched a driver app to upload Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD). These are the digitally generated copies with information logged to help the driver. The E-PODs could be uploaded into the driver app with a digital signature of the person who received the delivery and confirmation mail or SMS has been sent to all the respective persons at the same time. This is a more secure way to acknowledge the acceptance of deliveries to management. This paperless solution help to provide the visibility of your delivery operation. Fleetx tracks all these deliveries and stores all the proof of delivery online with our intelligent gps vehicle tracking system


Go Green with our online Document Management

Almost half of fleet management decision-makers agreed that paperwork, especially invoicing and storing vehicle service history, fuel receipts, tyre changes, etc takes up too much of their time. The management is also facing the burden of increased paperwork which is more time-consuming and in fact handling the paperwork without loss of any information is more complex for fleet managers. So, we at Fleetx helps logistics companies to go digital with our document management solution to manage thousands of documents on a monthly basis with us and also include automatic alerts and escalations to avoid bottlenecks and costly delays to deliveries. Here is a screenshot of how we store service history records.

Service History Record

Benefits of E-POD and online Document Management

  • Increased productivity
  • Visibility of the vehicle's history records with us at any time.
  • Storage and management of driver's documentation including licenses.
  • Instant access to all the important documents.
  • Go Green and save paper and the environment.

Go paperless this year by digitizing your fleet business with Fleetx. Start with a free demo here.

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