Fleetx Can Help You Reduce Your Business's Carbon Emissions

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Climate Change is the hot topic right now, and rightly so. Industries across the world are taking into consideration their impact on the planet and moving towards more sustainable operations to reduce their carbon emissions. To backtrack a little, carbon emissions refer to the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere due to various activities, both human and natural. Since the industrial period, global carbon emissions have increased by 25% over the 200 year period. They were relatively stable over the previous 1000 year period, but have grown exponentially since the 1800s because of increased human activity. Furthermore, we are using resources at a much faster rate without really thinking about what the future generations will be left with.

India’s trucking industry relies on heavy-freight trucks for 65% of its activities. They are the most efficient way to transport cargo, but they are responsible for over 35% of the transport related carbon emissions in the country! Given the seriousness of the issue, businesses are now considering ways to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining operations. Technology is offering several solutions to this challenge, and Fleetx’s range of services will help you in that regard. Here are some of the ways fleet management software can help your business reduce its carbon emissions and adopt more sustainable methods:

  1. Optimize your routes

Taking the shortest route between point A and point B not only saves time, but also reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With real time data at your fingertips, our route planning software will help you maximise the efficiency of your fleet vehicles, improve your productivity and reduce the need to add more vehicles to your fleet during periods of higher demand.    

You will also be able to reduce your fuel consumption with the help of the real-time data available, as well as data collected from past trips. This will help your drivers avoid long detours, and spending unnecessary time in traffic.

2. Improve driver behaviour

Your drivers have an important role to play in minimizing fuel usage and reducing your business’ carbon footprint. Aggressive driving, harsh braking, speeding and excessive idling waste fuel and produce higher emissions. For instance, studies have shown that aggressive driving style can result in an increase in emissions by 40%. Fitting your vehicles with a telematics system will give you an insight into driver behavior and indicate which drivers could benefit from additional training and instruction.

Not only does the adoption of eco-driving techniques help cut fuel consumption, but it also leads to safer drivers, which is great for the reputation and stability of your business. This has the added benefits of reducing the risk of accidents, accompanying costs and increasing ROI on your drivers.

3. Reduce engine idling

Idling engines are one of the reasons for fuel wastage. In busy urban areas, increased road congestion can lead to your drivers sitting in their vehicles for long periods of time, leaving the ignition on while they’re stuck in traffic. Unfortunately traffic congestion in India is a big challenge, with 4 Indian cities in the top 10 list of most congested cities globally.  

While you can’t do anything about the nightmare of peak hour in our cities, Fleetx’s tracking software provides alerts and reports to identify and reduce avoidable instances of idling. It will also help you to plan routes that avoid heavily congested roads and peak hours. This means you can cut both fuel costs and CO2 output. Engine idling is also a performance metric that fleet tracking systems incorporate into driver behaviour reports, allowing managers to stay updated.

4. Reduce overall fuel consumption

By keeping a close watch on your fuel consumption in your business, you will be able to intervene where necessary. Our analytics feature will give you a detailed report on how your fuel is being consumed. Mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting for businesses has been implemented in 40 countries worldwide, to help reduce carbon emissions. In India this is currently run on a voluntary basis to explore the possibility of implementing a mandatory reporting scheme in the future. But given the urgency to reduce emissions, it is likely to be made mandatory soon.  

It would certainly help your business to implement these measures sooner rather than later so that you are prepared when the legislation is passed. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we take care of our planet, so please do your part!

5. Keep your vehicles in good condition

Vehicle maintenance is one of the key preventative measures you can take to reduce your emissions. Scheduling regular maintenance for your business vehicles will ensure clean and efficient running of engines. Even performing basic checks such as maintaining proper tyre pressure can improve your fuel economy. A 2013 study by the Energy Saving Trust claims that driving with tyres under-inflated by 25% will increase fuel consumption by approximately 2%. Incorrect tyre pressure also increases the wear and tear, meaning replacement tyres are required more frequently.

Replacing oil and fuel filters, and worn spark plugs, and using top quality fuel in your engines will also help make vehicles more fuel efficient and help reduce harmful emissions. By conducting regular inspections and maintenance, studies have shown that your business could potentially reduce the CO2 emissions of its vehicles by 35%!

6. Cut out unwanted journeys

Route optimization software can help you cut out those short and unnecessary journeys. By optimising your route, you can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and still make the same number of deliveries. Not only will you be able to operate your fleet more efficiently, you can also cut down on the maintenance costs involved, and save your business (a lot of) money! Less vehicles = fewer emissions.

Managing climate change and it effects will take tremendous change and effort on everyone’s part, and Fleetx is ready to do our bit to help businesses transform their operations. If you want to be a part of this change, reach out to us and let us know how we can help you reduce your carbon emissions while scaling your business to new heights.

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