Why Construction equipment Fleet management is important?

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Companies that use construction and heavy equipment have a number of important and expensive assets under them. They have several kinds of heavy-duty machinery such as diggers, commercial trucks, forklifts, boom lifts, and more that are required for multiple projects. These are also often spread over huge areas and in different parts of the city or state.

This is why owning and managing a large-scale construction company is no easy feat. It is especially true when you need to make sure these pricey pieces of equipment are taken care of and maintained efficiently to work well at all times. Several construction equipment rental companies and services find it extremely difficult to keep an eye on where their construction equipment is and in what condition it is being used. It isn't always easy being present on site, especially when the equipment is rented far away.

Why does equipment uptime tracking matter?

Construction equipment engine uptime tracking is imperative for construction companies to ensure their equipment is working as it should. Having real-time data can allow companies to be proactive and allow them to make better and faster decisions.

A scenario in which such machinery or equipment gets lost or damaged can be a huge nightmare for the company, both financially and practically. It can also lead to high costs incurred due to engine downtime and money wastage due to the halting of work, increasing liability on the company, and preventing daily optimised working.

This is where Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software can step in and take the load off of construction companies! Such a Fleet Management platform offers tracking and management features for businesses to handle and keep an eye on their expensive equipment and machinery. With the touch of a button, you can remotely find and locate machinery in real-time, as well as get deep insight into the workings of each vehicle. You can also keep track of details such as fuel usage, repair needs, mileage, maintenance, idling, driver behaviour, and much more on one single platform.

Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software - importance and benefits

A fleet of vehicles, machinery, and equipment are one of the biggest investments for any construction company. This is why these companies are always on the lookout for ways to keep costs low, increase efficiency, as well as safely and optimally maintain the fleet. Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software works as a simple and valuable solution that increases productivity without sacrificing safety or time. Investing in such a platform is a sure-shot way of empowering your fleet and its management.

Fleet maintenance and equipment movement

Maintenance of construction equipment is one of the biggest costs incurred by any construction company, the lack of which can lead to break down and unnecessary engine downtime. Using a Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software allows you to keep track of your equipment in real-time and know when a vehicle or machine is about to malfunction. This is possible because the software works by directly connecting to and accessing the onboard diagnostics system (OBD) of the machine to monitor its condition.

Keep track of engine uptime

With a Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software, you can get real-time and updated information on each machine or vehicle you are tracking, allowing you to access data like oil and fuel changes, hours of operation, engine mileage, fuel usage levels and more. Having this data at hand makes it possible for businesses to strategically plan and optimise productivity by proactively finding and dealing with repairs, also reducing the chances of machines malfunction during ongoing projects.

Maintain fuel efficiency

Fueling heavy vehicles is another huge expense for construction companies. With fuel prices at an all-time high, there is now no space for wasteful fuel consumption that can increase these expenses exponentially. These can be due to a number of reasons such as excessive idling, poor maintenance, hard acceleration and braking, unauthorised use, incorrect routes, and more. A Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software can identify these issues and help you correct them without wasting time. By having insight into every little detail of the vehicle you can gauge and understand any kind of misuse or fuel theft, thus reducing the addition of unnecessary miles on your assets.

Route optimization for the best possible way

You will also have the ability to keep track of the routes taken to and from construction sites, optimising them to have shorter travel times, lower fuel usage, and reduce driver frustration. These mileage and fuel consumption reports also enable companies to calculate costs more accurately rather than relying on manually-reported data from drivers.

Keep your fleet safe with theft prevention
Construction equipment and vehicles are exposed to several risks, especially when they are used off-site. Theft of expensive and valuable construction machinery has been a problem that leads to the loss of thousands of dollars each year. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has conducted a study that shows the cost of equipment theft ranges from $300 million to $1 billion per year.

Since there is no way to physically keep an eye on your expensive assets all the time, Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software is an effective way to keep your vehicles and machinery safe. It helps construction companies get the exact location of each, allowing you to know where your assets are anytime, anywhere, and preventing theft.

Construction Equipment Fleet Management is extremely necessary for maintaining and running a successful construction company or rental service. By measuring and monitoring vehicle and equipment data, businesses can easily reduce expenses, maximise productivity, as well as increase efficiency. A cloud-based Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software makes the process of transporting construction material and using heavy machinery much more profitable and streamlined. It offers businesses a platform that allows them to access every bit of information about their vehicles all in one digital platform.

What is equipment fleet management?

The administrative strategy used to refer to the acquisition, planning, and coordination of company-owned work vehicles is known as fleet management. Putting in place an effective fleet management system is crucial for cost-cutting, increasing productivity, assuring safety, and assessing regulatory compliance.

What is heavy equipment fleet management?

Heavy equipment fleet management is the activity of organising, regulating, and managing heavy fleet assets in order to enhance and optimise corporate operations. Included are fleet cars, drivers, dispatchers, and other stakeholders.

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