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A vehicle tracking software is a complete solution for maintaining, monitoring and managing your vehicles. A complete vehicle tracking software consists of a GPS tracking device, server, and monitoring software. A Vehicle Tracking device is installed in vehicles and integrated with the software, which would show you the real-time data of the vehicle.
Tracking system can be categorized into active tracking and passive tracking. Active vehicle maintenance software in india tracks the vehicle in real-time and shows you real-time data into your software but a passive vehicle tracking system would collect and store all the data into the device and later with the software you would be able to see the complete data.
Being the best Vehicle Tracking Software and fleet management software in India, fleetx provides both active and passive tracking. Mostly it gives you real-time data of your vehicles and works as an active vehicle Tracking Software but when the device goes offline in the low network area it switches itself into passive tracking system and stores all the data offline in the device and once the device is in the network range then it would give you the complete vehicle data.

Vehicle Maintenance Software Architecture

The basic architecture of the vehicle tracking system includes a GPS Tracking Device, Tracking Server and User Interface (Software).

Vehicle Maintenance System is always installed in a vehicle and it captures the GPS location and also other data from an engine control unit (ECU) such as fuel consumption, mileage, DTCs, engine temperature, idling, etc.

Transport Management System securely stores the data from the tracker into the servers and gives the data whenever the user demands it.

User Interface It is where users can see the actual data like fuel consumption, mileage, real-time location, routes, vehicle running speed, vehicle trips history, various alerts, vehicle stoppages, driving behavior, and various reports. The software shows you the complete details related to your vehicles and their trips.

When to opt for Vehicle Tracking System

Without proper vehicle tracking system, it is very difficult to operate your fleet business effectively. Some of the most difficult areas to handle are.

  • Managing all your vehicle's data.
  • The exact location of every vehicle.
  • Fuel consumption and fuel wastage data.
  • Driving behavior.
  • Managing all inventory of the vehicle.
  • Manage total operating expenses.
  • Tyre management.
  • Route Planning and Route Optimization

To manage all of the above we need a proper vehicle tracking software to handle all the operation effectively.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Along with the GPS vehicle Management system, fleetx gives complete fleet management of your fleets which helps in improving the efficiency of your fleets and saves your business money. Some of them are highlighted below.

Fuel Management - With our advanced sensor and intelligent techniques, we provide the accurate mileage and fuel consumption of your vehicle and also detect the fuel wastage based on parameter likes idling vehicle, hard acceleration/de-acceleration, route optimization, sharp turns, etc.

Real-time  Vehicle Management Software-  It provides you the most accurate vehicle location in real-time. Along with location, we also provide you the actual vehicle running speed in real-time. All of this data is provided in the dashboard and vehicle moving location on Google map.

Instant Notifications- We provide instant alerts via email/sms based on any violation happens. Alerts like over speeding, route deviation, geo-fence, misuse, sharp turn, ignition on/off, idle engine, quick lane change, etc.

Tyre Management- We also provides tyre management solution to monitor your vehicle's tyres and manage your tyre inventories. Insights on real-time running km and tread depth of tyre help you remind when you need to repair and change tyres.

Trip History management and Report- We give detailed information about all your vehicle’s past trips and allow you to quickly identify anomalies within your trips. Also, the various downloadable report helps you to get the data into excel sheet.

These and many other features of vehicle tracking software in india which will help you keep track of your fleet and improve your fleet business efficiency. If you are looking for a complete  vehicle management software for your fleet business

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