7 KPIs every fleet manager should be monitoring

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As a fleet manager, you have a lot of data at your fingertips regarding your drivers and assets. How you leverage that data ultimately determines the success of your fleet, but determining which data to track closely can be a challenge. To help you prioritize, we’ve compiled seven of the most important fleet metrics you should be tracking as a fleet manager.

Your responsibilities as a fleet or transport manager are broad and varied. You control schedules and routes, vehicle safety, compliance, driver training and manage budgets – to name a few. The role is pressured, constant, and draws high expectations.

Tracking the right KPIs will not only assist your operation – it will provide valuable insight into fleet performance and drive strategic decision-making.

Fleet and transport managers must know how productive their fleet is. A productive fleet requires keeping vehicles, drivers, and assets working to their fullest potential, which in turn, reduces costs, improves performance, and drives efficiency.

The logistic process gets more complex with the increasing number of customers, their demands, rising fuel cost and pressure of timely delivery of goods and services, Our route planning would provide multiple routes to choose from based on your suitability. As shown below, fleetx has suggested three routes from New Delhi to Mumbai with different no. of tolls in between, marking the route distance and the number of tolls in between with red balloons on the map.

Our Dashboard provides full visibility of all the deliveries that are planned or scheduled. Here in our dashboard, we term delivery as Job as shown below.

Tyre management system is an important part and also a very expensive asset of the vehicle. To operate your vehicle without any breakdown, you need to first take proper care of vehicle assets and tyre is one of them. Other than this, in many cases, the drivers swap new tyres and replace them with their old tyres and sell new tyre in the market. This way drivers are doing fraud which is very critical for your vehicle because an old tyre is prone to accident or sudden mid-way breakdown. So, as an owner, you should be aware of all such frauds and should track every detail of in use tyres

Do you know how much time and money your business can save by digitizing and eliminating manual paperwork?

Digitizing and eliminating manual paperwork is one of the most effective and efficient ways that a business can save time and money. It’s no wonder that 71% of organizations have started initiatives to reduce the use of paper in their day to day operations. At fleetx, we help customers to go paperless with E-POD and online document management.

  • Speed Alerts
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Fuel Level Alerts
  • Temperature Alerts
  • Idle Engine Alerts
  • Ignition On & Off
  • Trip Start & Stop Time/Location
  • Idling Vehicle Time
  • Geofence Entries and Exits
  • Hard Accelerations and sharp turns

These data points are very essential to view the performance of any fleet at any point in time. Also, with customized fleet and vehicle reports, Fleetx helps you identify operational issues, uncover inefficiencies, and improve driver safety. Reports are easily viewed online or exported to several other different formats. With report data, you can easily identify hidden patterns, trends and set goals around key metrics

This is always a crucial consideration for fleets and is a central aspect of their basic duty of care to their employees while they are at work – so close monitoring of driver behavior is essential. It is also an important indicator with regard to overall road safety standards.

We Provide First driver scoring methodology which scores driver on the basis of fatigue driving, over-speeding, sharp turns, SLAs violation & various other metrics.

Fuel is a top-three expense for fleet-dependent businesses, and improving fuel economy is a matter of both bottom-line cost savings and environmental impact.

Metrics such as km per liter, engine idle time, and unauthorized mileage are important for monitoring fuel consumption and efficiency. Armed with a clear knowledge based on these metrics, fleets are likely to be in a much stronger position to make efficiency savings as well as cutting emissions. When looking at reports in fuel management software, consider both real-time and historical data to spot trends and deficiencies in asset performance.

What are the KPIs for fleet management?

The major KPIs for fleet management are:

  • Driver behavior and safety
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Fuel Economy
  • Fleet utilization and utility
  • Compliance

What is a fleet management dashboard?

The primary command post where fleet managers can keep an eye on their vehicles in real time is a fleet management dashboard. Your fleet management software gathers data about your fleet that you may access, both past and present.

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