Drive Profits: Rewarding Efficient Drivers with Fleetx Driver Analytics

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We humans like to be rewarded for doing a good job, no matter what kind of work we do. When there's a system that recognizes and rewards our hard work, we tend to work even harder and do better.

With Fleetx’s Driver Analytics we try to utilise the core human tendency to better, not only the efficiency at which drivers carry out transport operations but improve the overall safety of the entire operations as well. The new features of the Driver Analytics software rewards drivers that perform the job with utmost safety and efficiency without any botchups.

Most solutions available in the market for improving safety and efficiency of transport operations  are designed from the business owner or transporter's perspective with the goal of minimising cost and maximising efficiency. While the progress of tech adoption in the transport and logistics industry has been phenomenal, to tackle the issue of driver safety, we need a product that can track the driving performance of all drivers through relevant metrics designed to gauge their performance from all aspects, most importantly safety.

Enter Fleetx Driver Behaviour Analytics & Safety

Fleetx launched its Driver Analytics solution to help businesses and transporters improve their fleet and fuel efficiency by reducing fuel costs, negotiating lower insurance premiums, and minimising accidents caused by rash driving. The software collects driving data from individual vehicles and monitors driver behaviour to track driving trends across the entire fleet, such as overspeeding, engine idling, and rash driving, which could compromise safety. This allows companies to gain visibility into their drivers' driving patterns, which was previously impossible to assess.

The vast amount of vehicle and driver-related data collected from individual vehicles in the fleet can be analysed and used to offer meaningful insights to the company or transporter. This helps in identifying long-term driving trends and flagging potentially hazardous behaviour. In essence, the driver analytics tool enables a company or transporter to collect and make sense of data related to their drivers' performance and assess it. The software has other useful applications, such as offering real-time coaching alerts to drivers to help improve their driving, thus improving the overall safety of the operation.

Moreover, driving data is also utilised to provide scores for each trip or vehicle based on several critical metrics related to driving performance. Gamification of performance through scores makes it easier to assess driver performance and reward or train them accordingly. However, an individual driver often drives different vehicles and is allotted different jobs at a given company, thus, creating a need for evaluation based on individual driver performance.

What’s new with Fleetx’s Driver Analytics software?

The recent upgrade to Fleetx’s driver analytics software, in addition to providing scores at job or vehicle level, now allows for assessment and scoring based on performance at driver level. One of the key benefits of analysing and scoring performance at driver level is the ability to provide companies with long-term visibility of driver behaviour across different vehicles and jobs. The new flow includes various alerts for instances of overspeeding, hard acceleration or deceleration, engine idling, night driving, and fatigue driving, among others that are directly associated with individual driver performance.

Now different industries have different needs and use-cases for their vehicle and the same methodology for driver performance assessment might not be the most suited way to assess performance. Keeping that in mind, the new update provides users with the flexibility to customise weightgages for each alert and set custom thresholds for penalties based on their requirement and assessment criteria that varies across industries and use-cases.

Another key feature includes Timeliness Assessment that helps account for delays done during each job by individual drivers and associate it with their overall performance, thus, making on-time deliveries relevant from a customer experience perspective an important criteria for driver performance assessment.

What are the key benefits from the latest update?

One of the key benefits of the tool is its rich data visibility, which allows users to trace scores to the job and alarm level. This level of transparency makes it easy for users to understand how scores are calculated, and to identify areas for improvement. The tool is also highly scalable and can be easily expanded to include additional alarms with minimal development effort. Overall, the Driver Analytics tool provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for monitoring and improving driver performance in a range of industries.

New and upcoming features Fleetx customers can expect

Soon, our customers can expect additional features that enhance the safety and efficiency of their transport operations. Apart from assessing driving performance at the driver level, they can also expect upcoming features that enable automated identification of the best drivers based on route-wise performance. This feature will enable users to allocate jobs to drivers based on their prior assessment, thereby enhancing the efficiency of their operations in line with their requirements.

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