Maintain your fleet service history and monitor the cost

Every fleet owner needs their vehicles in top running condition. Vehicle maintenance is one of the main components for a long life of your vehicles.
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Every fleet owner needs their vehicles in top running condition. Vehicle maintenance is one of the main component for a long life of your vehicle and without proper vehicle maintenance, your vehicle is prone to more serious problem in the future which will cost you good amount of money. Also, cost spent on maintenance should always be monitored to ensure that your fleet remains profitable by replacing vehicles whose maintenance cost is high.
Fleetx has made this very simple, where you can keep organized and comprehensive service history for your fleet and easily monitor their cost.

What kinds of fleet Services are there?

The Service history of a vehicle consists of any maintenance work done on a vehicle. The most common and frequent maintenance performed in a vehicle is Oil Change, Air filter, Battery replacement, etc. Some other vehicle services are shown below.

Fleet Services

Service History Importance

As a fleet owner and as part of your preventive maintenance plan, you should keep detailed service records of your fleet service history which develops a picture of each vehicle performance and the issues it had in the past in your Transport Management system. This may further help you to predict which vehicles are prone to issues and can be avoided for critical deliveries.

Keeping service records of vehicle can also be helpful if you plan to sell your old vehicle. Many buyers won't consider vehicles without full-service history. Vehicles that have full-service history records always have high resale value than vehicles without having any service records.

Service History also aids in your vehicle warranty conditions. All vehicle warranties stipulate what maintenance needs to be done and at what time intervals. So, in case of claim if you failed to show the service records may put your vehicle out of warranty, even if you have done it timely and correctly.

Service History Summary with fleetx

Fleetx provides the summary of service history and also the cost spent on them that gives the complete insight of vehicles maintenance records.

We also record odometer reading after every service is done, which can be very useful to predict when the next service needs to be done based on the KM running of the vehicle. Fleetx service history and cost spent summary is shown below.

Service History Records

Cost Spent Analysis

Cost spent on vehicle services should always be monitored and analyzed regularly to find out the vehicles whose maintenance cost is more than the regular earning of vehicles. Using this information you can take the proactive decision about vehicle efficiency and replacement of vehicles, if required. The day-wise cost spent graph on the vehicle services is shown below.

Cost Spent

With fleetx track all your vehicle's service history and the associated costs at one place and be able to take corrective actions on your vehicle incurring high maintenance cost. Start a free demo here.

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