How to choose the GPS for Fleet Tracking - a checklist for businesses

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As a business that is fleet-based and requires the management of multiple vehicles, using telematics software to monitor and track them is necessary. Such a solution can help prioritise efficiency, save money, improve driver safety, as well as issue status reports on your fleet. GPS for truck and fleet tracking ensures you gather and analyse all the necessary data to keep your fleet running smoothly.

A GPS fleet tracking software is the link between you and your fleet and can improve operations all while realising ROI. This is possible by picking the right GPS solution that can help your business on all fronts. But finding the right vendor can be daunting due to the sheer number of options available. If you’re unsure where to start, here is the perfect checklist to help you pick a vendor that is the right fit for you.

How to choose the GPS for Fleet Tracking?

Identify your needs

The first step in selecting any software for your company is accessing what your business requires and identifying areas of improvement. Think about why you need a GPS for truck or fleet management and what kind of features will benefit your business. Start by gathering data and analysing the areas that need improvement - are you looking for features that help in monitoring vehicles, increasing fleet safety, reducing fuel consumption, preventing breakdowns, bettering customer service, or managing remote workers? Additionally, think about how you want to scale this software in the future to meet changing business demands.

Research is everything

Once you have identified your needs, you can easily create a checklist of features to match with softwares that offer those. Researching thoroughly can greatly help you make an informed decision and allow you to pick the best platform for your business. If you settle on the first brand you find, you may regret your decision in the future. Compare features, pricing, support, and more to ensure you are choosing only what is best for your company.

Cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software is the best option for businesses in this digital age as it can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection. Third-party integration is another feature that can help you save time. Finding a GPS for truck tracking that can seamlessly integrate with your current business solutions will allow it to automatically sync and you will not have to manually recall and input data.

Easy navigation with customisable dashboards

GPS for truck and fleet tracking systems can become complex to navigate due to the many factors and several vehicles it monitors at all times. Find a brand that offers a clean and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require too much training to understand and use. A simple dashboard that doesn’t get cluttered and shows the most necessary information will allow you to keep an eye on all important metrics without getting confused. Having a customisable dashboard will also allow you to keep it minimal and let the dashboard cater to your specific needs.

Important vehicle diagnostics

GPS fleet tracking systems are advanced tech and track more than just the location of your fleet. Choose a software that allows you to get the most from your investment by looking for additional features such as vehicle diagnostics tracking. This includes metrics on engine uptime, start and stop times, fuel management, maintenance schedules, repairs, and more to help maximise efficiency.

Tracking driver behaviour and safety

Many GPS software for truck and fleet management also offer tracking features for drivers. Monitor driver behaviour to ensure efficiency and safety on the road. Such a metric will allow you to keep track of not just where the driver and truck are, but also track route histories, excessive idling times, detours, engine on and off times, and more.

Instant notifications

A good GPS for truck and fleet tracking software should send you instant notifications for things that need your attention. You can’t keep checking the platform every few minutes to ensure that everything is working as it should, so pick a software that offers instant notifications via message or email. Some softwares even offer the option to set custom alerts for when a vehicle goes off route, the driver crosses the set geofence, unsafe driving behaviours, departure and arrival times, hardware defects, and more.

Mobile application for constant access

Another way to always be in the know is to opt for a brand that also offers a mobile application to monitor your fleet. You may not always be on your desk and thus accessing fleet information on your mobile phone can be a boon. Make sure the provider you pick offers a web-based and  mobile-friendly version of their software.

Reachable customer support

Customer support is extremely important not just when you’re onboarding a new software, but also post-implementation whenever an issue occurs. Ensure the brand you pick offers reliable support that can be accessed via phone and not just chat. Live customer support should be a priority in making your decision so there are no bumps in using your selected platform.

It is important to keep in mind that not every GPS for truck and fleet management provider will have the same features and capabilities. This is why using a checklist such as the above can help you find just what you need. Before committing to any solution, be clear in your goals and what you want from the software, check for features and support, as well as test how it is running for you.

How to choose a GPS tracker?

Your business requirements will drive you toward an excellent tracking solution. There are devices with every function on the market right now. Based on their price and client demand, GPS devices should be selected. The GPS device should allow you to remotely configure and maintain the device. Other considerations include stability, hardware information, network connectivity, and heat and water resistance.

What are the three types of tracking?

The three types of GPS tracking are as follows:

Satellite-based GPS Vehicle tracking

Cell-Based GPS vehicle tracking

Cellular-phone based GPS

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