Break down transportation barriers with an advanced control tower solutions

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It is nearly impossible to optimise your company’s supply chain performance without a complete and accurate view of your shipments and freight flows. With fractured information that is disconnected, there is no way to get a holistic view of how many jobs are ongoing or where each truck is positioned. To remedy this, businesses in the logistics industry have now turned to Transportation Management Solutions that come with control tower capabilities to help improve supply chain insight and visibility. Such a control tower can compound, analyse, and present data to decision-makers in a concise manner. It also offers panoramic views of each ongoing process by integrating data from multiple sources and parties involved.

What is a TMS Control Tower?

A TMS control tower can be easily defined as a customised and connected dashboard of events, logistical data, and key business activities across the supply chain. With smart capabilities for end-to-end visibility, it enables businesses to clearly prioritise critical issues and prevent vulnerabilities in real time.

A Transport Management System (TMS) control tower offers a single view of fleet, partners, and inventory that works across the company and offers access to data they require to make well-informed decisions as well as collaborate with others internally and externally. Advanced control tower solutions provide tools and features to companies to help them take complete control of each aspect of transportation. Whether it is combatting modern distribution channels, dealing with sales model complexities, or collaborating with new logistics partners, a control tower can offer actionable visibility all in a single platform. Access and streamline ongoing and past jobs across global locations with multiple parties, as well as get an interactive system that provides seamless connection and collaboration to all.

Key benefits and capabilities of implementing control tower solutions

  • Holistic, real-time visibility

Control tower solutions offer complete end-to-end visibility throughout your supply chain using correlated data from previously siloed systems. Access every bit of information from job panning to fleet location to daily processing for each order all in a personalised dashboard.

  • Collaborative and seamless information sharing

One of its most critical applications is aligning disparate functional views to reduce silos in the company. When reduced to just having access to what is each department’s jurisdiction, separate silos start functioning independently, leading to low collaboration and misalignment of goals. Get AI-powered solutions to improve collaboration and seamlessly manage exceptions throughout the complete supply chain to quickly take action and drive KPI performance.

  • Informed and accurate decision support

Improve supply chain resiliency with actionable insights to properly understand the direct impact on customer support and service as a way to prioritise your response.  Adding the above collaborative features to make holistic decisions, there is also no disparity between data streams thus also improving data quality.

  • Comprehensive supply chain and logistics model

Advanced control tower solutions can find real-time disruptions in your supply chain that impact performance to help resolve them instantly. An extensive supply chain and logistics model that also represents all parties involved can help improve performance with detailed tracking capabilities.

Get a unified platform with advanced control tower solutions

A TMS control tower offers tools to align responsibilities and ties together different functional perspectives into a unified view, offering a way for all departments to move in one direction. The three main areas that require complete visibility and monitoring in the transportation process can be viewed with complete precision at any given time. Let’s delve into them.

  • Jobs

View all the present and completed jobs in your control tower dashboard along with its Job Status and Running Status. Not only can you add Tags for easily finding specific jobs, but also see the ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) and STA (Standard Time of Arrival). Get all the details about the Vehicles or fleet transporting the products as well as when the Job was completed

  • Location

Keep an eye on where each Vehicle in your fleet is and which of the Vehicles are within Radius. Check their status and know exactly which step of the transportation process they are on - are they Loaded, Loading, or Unloaded, as well as which Vehicles are Not on Job and which are Empty.

  • Running

Track Vehicles on the job and check which ones were on the road and which weren’t. Sort through Yesterday Job Running and Today Job Running to see the work completed Jobs.

Poor visibility into your companies supply chain can create several issues down the road from inflated transportation budgets to material shortages and slow delivery services. Choosing a Transportation Management System (TMS) control tower can be the make or break point for your business since it works as a single source of truth for all parties involved in the transportation process. Get in touch with FleetX to know how our TMS control tower tools and features can help take your transportation business to the next level.

What is a control tower in logistics?

A connected, personalised dashboard of data, important business KPIs, and events occurring along the supply chain is the classic definition of a supply chain control tower. A supply chain control tower enables businesses to better identify, classify, and address urgent problems in real time.

What is control tower in supply chain?

A supply chain control tower is a cloud-based solution that uses cutting-edge technologies to manage supply chains in a proactive manner. These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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