Unleashing Operational Excellence: Exploring the Powerful Capabilities of Fleetx ERP

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Fleetx ERP products are a suite of software solutions that help businesses manage their logistics operations more efficiently. The products offer a variety of features and functionalities, including (and not limited to) generating freight invoices and bills, scheduling routine maintenance for your vehicles, inventory management of all spare parts, reporting and analytics, etc… the list really does go on!

The following section will comprehensively detail what you can expect each ERP product to do for your business, and keep in mind- these modules can be customised according to your specific business needs.

The various modules:

Trip Settlement

The trip settlement module helps businesses track and manage the costs associated with each trip. The module includes features for tracking fuel consumption, tolls, and other expenses. Businesses can also use the module to generate reports on trip costs. Digitizing your daily process with this module will free up a lot of your resources- money, time and people! The other features are as follows:

  • Generate invoices and bills for completed trips.
  • Calculate trip-related expenses, including fuel costs, toll charges, driver allowances, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Integrate with a GPS or telematics systems to capture accurate mileage and distance traveled.
  • Calculate driver compensation based on advances given and personnel expenses.
  • Generate trip settlement reports for analysis and auditing purposes.

Maintenance ERP

The maintenance ERP module helps businesses manage both their internal and external fleet maintenance schedules. The module includes the features for tracking maintenance history and scheduling preventive maintenance. Businesses can also use the module to generate reports on maintenance costs. Its other functionalities include:

  • Schedule and track routine maintenance tasks, such as vehicle servicing, oil changes, tire rotations, etc.
  • Record and manage vehicle maintenance histories, including repairs, part replacements, and associated costs.
  • Monitor and manage vehicle breakdowns or failures, including tracking the time spent in maintenance and repair.
  • Inventory management for spare parts, ensuring availability and timely procurement.
  • Analyze maintenance data to identify trends, predict failures, and optimize repair costs.
  • Provide alerts and reminders for upcoming maintenance activities.

Operations ERP

The operations ERP module helps businesses manage their fleet operations. The module includes features for tracking driver performance, managing fuel consumption, and generating reports on fleet utilization. Businesses can also use the module to create custom reports. Its other features include:

  • Auto-dispatch and schedule to efficiently allocate resources and meet customer demands.
  • Route optimization to reduce fuel consumption, travel time, and overall costs.
  • Monitor vehicle location and status in real-time, using GPS or other tracking systems.
  • Driver management, including performance monitoring, assignment tracking, and compliance with regulations.
  • Document management, such as storing and retrieving important vehicle and driver info
  • Reporting and analytics to gain insights into operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and performance metrics

Operations ERP for Finances, Revenue and Freight

This ERP module helps businesses manage their fleet finance and revenue. The module includes features for tracking fuel costs, tolls, and other expenses. Businesses can also use the module to generate reports on fleet profitability. It will allow you to:

  • Manage financial transactions related to freight, such as freight rates, pricing, and billing.
  • Track revenue and analyse, including performing a profitability analysis
  • Integrate with existing accounting systems for seamless financial management.
  • Streamline freight payment processes and generating accurate invoices.
  • Manage contracts and agreements with customers or third-party logistics providers.
  • Generate financial reports and analytics to assess business performance.
  • Manage all your expenses in one place, known as single window solution

Operations ERP for Hired Vehicles

This module specifically caters to fleets that utilize hired vehicles in their operations. The module includes features for tracking hired vehicle costs, mileage, and other expenses. Businesses can also use the module to generate reports on hired vehicle costs. With this module, you can:

  • Track and manage agreements and contracts with vehicle owners or lessors.
  • Maintain records of leased vehicles, including insurance, registration, and maintenance details.
  • Monitor and optimize the utilization of hired vehicles.
  • Manage rental and payment processes, including invoicing and tracking rental expenses.
  • Generate reports and analytics to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of leased vehicles.

Vehicle Cost and Accounting Management

This management module helps businesses track and manage the costs associated with their vehicles. The module includes features for tracking depreciation, insurance, and other expenses. Businesses can also use the module to generate reports on vehicle costs. Additionally, you can:

  • Track and manage vehicle-related expenses, such as fuel costs, repairs, maintenance, and insurance.
  • Integrate with accounting systems for accurate cost allocation and financial reporting.
  • Analyze vehicle costs to identify areas of improvement and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Budget and forecast vehicle-related expenses.
  • Generate cost reports and financial statements for analysis and compliance purposes.

To wrap up

Our customization options offer you the opportunity to choose one, some or all of our modules. In doing so, your business can achieve:

  • Increased efficiency: Businesses save time and money by automating many of the tasks associated with fleet management.
  • Complete visibility: provide real-time visibility into your fleets, which will help you make better decisions about fleet operations.
  • Reduced risk: Fleetx ERP products can help you reduce the risk of accidents and other incidents by providing your drivers and management with the information they need to make informed decisions about fleet safety.
  • P&L analysis: Keep a digital track of your profits and losses in your system, and analyse reports to maximise revenue potential. This is usually a challenge for most companies working without ERP systems.
  • Increased compliance: Businesses can reduce the risk of hefty fines and non-compliance by including industry-specific requirements in their erp systems, such as those related to fuel emissions and labor laws.
  • Improved customer service: improve satisfaction and grow your customer base by improving efficiency, reducing delivery times, and tracking data to make changes where necessary.
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