Unmanned weighbridge systems: Improve efficiency, and optimise resource use. Here's how.

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In the age of automation, it is possible to improve operations and increase efficiency in various aspects of running a business. This provides you, and your business, the opportunity to make better use of your personnel, optimise use of resources and of course, save precious (and costly!) time. Fleetx’s solutions are all geared towards helping you achieve the aforementioned goals, and it is in the interest of improving your business operations that we would like to discuss unmanned weighbridge systems (UWS).

What is an Unmanned Weighbridge System?

An Unmanned Weighbridge System- also known as driver operated weighbridge- refers to a weighbridge where the input, identification, and data are handled by the vehicle driver rather than a dedicated weighbridge operator. It can be a stand-alone system or a fully integrated IoT based central monitoring system which can carry out weighing operations at all times, and does not require an operator.

To carry out these asynchronous operations, the UWS uses supporting devices to perform various activities and makes use of an intelligent control system. The supporting devices used are: cameras and sensors that verify and confirm whether the truck is in the correct position, a display and public address system that provides instructions and feedback to the driver, and boom barriers that allow and control access to the weighbridge.

An Unmanned Weighbridge System is a comprehensive and well-designed solution that can be added to new or existing weighbridges. It is an autonomous system that will cater to 24/7 weighing operations without the need of an operator.

How Does It Work?

Traffic lights manage and control the flow of trucks at the unmanned weighbridge to ensure safe operation. The automated software guides the driver as the truck enters the weighbridge, and the sensors ensure that the truck is positioned properly. To control the flow of traffic and ensure security, barriers and boom gates can be integrated into the design to operate automatically. To enhance the security of the process, security cameras can record and store activity that is taking place and alert security personnel if necessary.

An automatic identification system, which is a key feature of the unmanned weighbridge, is used to individually identify vehicles or people to prevent fraudulent use of the UWS. Digital displays are used to communicate the weighing data to the driver, along with details of the destination site. Because the process is digitised, and makes use of various devices like sensors, RFID tags, etc. it eliminates the need for a weighment slip. An automated unmanned weighbridge system and weighbridge software make the process much faster, preventing inaccuracies that can sometimes happen during manual weighing.

Benefits of an Unmanned Weighbridge System

As discussed above, automation of certain processes can generate many benefits for your business. Switching to an unmanned weighbridge system can accomplish the following for your business:

  1. Reduce operational costs by cutting down on time and money spent on operators
  2. A longer operational window as it can be used 24/7
  3. Eliminates the possibility of incorrect entries because data is not entered manually
  4. Improved facility control and security with traffic barriers, traffic lights, surveillance cameras, etc.
  5. Reduces TAT (Turn Around Time) for busy weighbridges
  6. Improves productivity and supports overall cost savings for a higher ROI
  7. Can be integrated with back-office systems like SAP, Oracle, ERP, etc.
  8. Vehicles can be monitored in real-time through a dashboard, and protected from potential malpractice
  9. Provide a well designed and robust end-to-end solution to help your business scale


Unmanned weighbridges are helping businesses to operate faster, better and more efficiently by streamlining weighing activities. This solution can also help prevent weighing fraud, and ensure that the data is captured accurately by integrating it with all major third-party software solutions. Unmanned weighbridge systems are a tried and tested method that are reliable, secure, trustworthy and robust.

What is a weighbridge system?

When a truck drives onto the scale, a weighbridge, sometimes referred to as a truck scale, is a system of numerous parts that work together to generate weight readings. consists of a base, a bridge or deck, a load cell system, a terminal, and any auxiliary components.

How many types of weighbridge are there?

There are several different kinds of weighbridges, including mechanical weighbridges, portable weighbridges, RCC weighbridges, electronic pit type or pit less weighbridges, and digital pit type or pit less weighbridges.

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