Corona Virus Helpline For Truck Drivers & Fleet Owners

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• Helpline No for Truck Drivers

• Safe Parking at Agarwal Packers (APML Hubs)

• WHO Guidelines

• Dhabas/Truck repair shops

• Fleetx is here to help

• Helpline No for Truck Drivers

आल इंडिया मोटर ट्रांसपोर्ट कांग्रेस ने जारी किए सभी राज्यों में हेल्प लाइन नम्बर अगर किसी की ट्रक ड्राईवर किसी दुसरे राज्य में फंसे हैं तो आप दिये हुए नम्बरों पर बात कर मदद मांग सकते हैं !

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) has published a list of help line numbers in case your truck drivers are stuck in another state.

State/UT Name Phone No
JAMMU & KASHMIR Mukesh Sharma (Jammu) 7889498748
Abdul Rahum (Srinagar) 9419001867
PUNJAB Jagjit Singh Kamboj 9417219115
Anantdeep Raja 9814061322
Tahal Singh Buttar 9888537699
CHANDIGARH Bajrang Sharma 9316136367
RAJASTHAN Inder Kumar Chadha 9829060122
Vishabandhu Singh Rathore 9414046687
HIMACHAL PRADESH Krishan Saini 9816622077
ASSAM Pulak Goswami 9864028093
UTTAR PRADESH Y P Singh 9415052667
Satish Gandhi 9792005252
Manish Kataria 9839081715
Ashish Agarwal (Noida/GHZ) 9999657355
Rajbir Singh (UP Border) 9811040025
Gaurav Sharma (Meerut) 9412206819
Virendra Gupta (Agra) 9412255170
Kishan Lal Sharma (Hathras) 7055391222
DELHI Gurmeet Singh Baweja 9810005909
Gunjeet Singh Sangha 9811119035
Davinder Singh 9350844891
Amrick Singh 9643414341
Parmeet Singh Goldie 9818686782
Ramesh Maini 9811062405
HARYANA Hukum Chand Sharma 9810028317
Subhash Kaushik 9312224710
Inder Kumar Laul 9810034935
Rakesh Bhatia 9212153554
MADHYA PRADESH Vijay Kalra (VP -West) 9826808600
MAHARASHTRA Bal Malkit Singh 9820022547
Amrit Lal Madan 9322656812
N L Gupta 9324626977
Pramod Bhavsar (Pune) 9822046872
Anju Singh (Nashik) 9422248285
Prakash Gawali (Central MH) 9422039039
GUJARAT Damodar Pillai 9879533198
Sanjay Chowdhary 9898933222
PATNA Bhanu Shekhar Pratap Singh 9431209461
Akhilesh Singh Yadav 7677017341
CHATTISGARH Sukhdev Singh Sidhu 9303203177
KARNATAKA Prakash Pandey 9886322224
Shiv Shankar Agarwal 9342577932
ANDHRA PRADESH M Janikiram Reddy 8498850289
TELANGANA Jawahir Basha 9246119049
TAMIL NADU K. Nalathambi 9443232468
P V Subramani 9840049192
K Ravi 6369380003
PONDICHERRY S Sharwanan 9443728161
ODISHA Sh. Rabinarayan Satapathy
Vice-President (East) - AIMTC
WEST BENGAL Sohan Singh 9831068161
Download Official Circular

• Safe Parking for Trucks at Agarwal Packers (APML Hubs)

You all are requested that you may park your tucks/vehicles at APML hubs if you feel that your truck is unsafe at highways.  
APML has got all facilities i.e. parking, security guards, washrooms etc. ( 500 plus vehicles can be accommodate at one Hub)
1. Dudhu , NH 8
2. Malkapur (dasarkhed) MS , NH 6
3. Malegaon (Jhodge). MS NH 3
4. Hubli (Karnataka) NH 4
5. Ambala ( Shah ) NH 73
6. Hosur- near all cargologistics (TN) NH 7

From - Ramesh Agarwal (Mentor APML)

• WHO Guidelines

We would also recommend you going through the notice by WHO on how to be safe during COVID -19.

View WHO Guidelines

• Dhabas/Truck repair shops

During this Lockdown, Government has allowed transportation of essential items along with that some Dhabas/Truck repair shops are also allowed to remain open.

View latest list here

• Fleetx is here to help

In light of these circumstances, to contain the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, we have been working remotely since 16th March. We are putting a complete halt on the on-field operations till the situation eases out to normal, subject to Government guidelines.

We are still working for you as before

Apart from this, every other thing will remain the same. We will maintain the business as usual - remotely - follow the general business hours and will stick to everything that we have been doing! We are committed to making the best out of this situation and will try to strengthen our product, processes, and technology during this time.

Please take care of your health and that of your employees and near ones.

We are listening

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help further. Let's hope that we can come out of this situation stronger and better.

You can reach out to us on or +91-7291995017.

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