Battery Management System (BMS)

Glossary > Battery Management System (BMS)
What is Battery Management System (BMS) ?

Key features and benefits of our BMS offering

  • One Stop Shop for BMS: Infineon offers a complete BMS chipset, production-ready complex device drivers with integrated safety libraries and supports up to ASIL-D safety standards.
  • Enable Compact Design: Infineon's highly integrated products significantly decrease the footprint, and help the customers to reduce costs by minimizing printed circuit board size.
  • Best-in-Class Robustness: Infineon's best-in-class robustness substantially improves battery lifetime accuracy and performance.
  • Faster Time to Market: The Interoperability between BMS devices and production-ready complex device drivers reduces design effort and speeds up time-to-market for customers.
  • Market Benchmark for Low PPM Rates: Infineon's Zero Defect Mindset is reflected in the lowest PPM rates in the market, and significantly reduces vehicle downtime and returns.
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